Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Trader Joes opened Friday and I missed it, I was out of town. Probably a good thing, I don't imagine dragging an infant & a 2 year old through throngs of rabid TJ fans would have been that fun. Maybe just sort of fun.

So we went Sunday and it was everything I had dreamed of, except that the parking lot suddenly looked way smaller and was completely full. My favorite part was the police car who had apparently been stationed by the store all weekend to keep an eye on everyone.

The best part for me was that this store had a bunch of favorites I haven't been able to find at the store in Everett. But now I am worried that maybe they just stock everything at first & narrow it down once they see what sells up here. So here's a plug for my favorites in the hopes that you go buy them so that this store will still carry them.

Dried Tart Montmorency Cherries - Excellent in oatmeal
Bagged Mache - a sweet, nutty salad green that is the nutritous equivalent of spinach (but tastier!)
Frozen chopped garlic cubes - perfect for quick stirfrys or for snacking on if you are Saben.
Pound Plus Bittersweet Chocolate Bars - excellent for baking these cookies and other goodies.


Jenny said...

FYI, they have bagged Mache at PCC. Do they have those up there? And maybe it was a one time thing..I don't shop there often.

Still no TJs in Renton, darn.

Kari said...

They have Mache at Haggens too, but it is $4.99 instead of $2.99...Plus I finally found some seeds and just planted some in my garden, so I'm excited to see how that goes. (it likes the cool weather)

shawn said...

That happened to me too! I really loved the "Salsa Fresca" - an italian salsa-ish thing with basil and mozza and tomatoes. Drove to Everett one day and it was gone! Same thing with their balsamic syrup glaze, available elsewhere for five times the price. Maybe you should buy LOTS of your favorite stuff. :) I was super happy when i went back yesterday and got a nice little (free) pack of carrots and ranch given to Kes, and then a lovely little potted begonia given to me. Sweet! And, I love stores that donate, and it turns out they donated 450 apples to my sons school for an event.