Thursday, October 11, 2007

Naps, etc.

It's taken Saben 1 hour to fall asleep for his afternoon nap two days in a row. He just talks & talks, sings, kicks his legs, etc. Could he be outgrowing his afternoon nap? Someone please shoot me.

I also officially HATE potty training. It almost grosses me out more than anything else, although being puked on is no picnic. Poop in a diaper is ok somehow, but when its rolling around in underwear, on the floor, on feet.... YUCK. I so desparately wish I'd done it before Annika was born.

Ok, lets see, something pleasant that I do enjoy.... how about right now when both kids are asleep at the same time? And any evening I manage to get them both in bed by 8:30pm?

No really, good things this week....Saben did pee in his potty twice on Wednesday, for the first time ever. (forward...) Then Thursday was pee on carpet & ball of poop day. (and back again....)

He also has no cavities, which we discovered after our 2nd early morning trip to the dentist. On the first trip we scrambled around but got lost and were 15 minutes late so they cancelled our appointment after we'd sat there 15 minutes. Sounds innocent enough, but carefully orchestrating nursing times to prevent screaming, scrambling frantically with your kids to get somewhere by 8:30am and then having it all be in vain is quite frustrating. Tears were certainly shed but I did refrain from tearing out my hair. (which is falling out quite well on its own, thank you pregnancy hormones)

I feel like such a wuss because it all adds up to grumpy momma, but seriously, millions of moms do this (two kids at once) all the time. In fact many deal with way more than I do. So what's the use complaining?

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Casey said...

Sorry to hear that potty training is a struggle!

My mom told me that she started setting me on a tiny potty when I was 6 months old because she was so determine to have me used to it. And it cracked me up to hear that. But sure enough...I was potty trained at about 14 months. Which only makes me want to try the same method!

I do enjoy reading your blog Kari, hope you have a great weekend.