Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Growing up

I am sure I'll use that phrase "growing up" about 2,560 times as my kiddos progress through life. In the last month, I've definitely noticed Saben turning into his own little person. Laying face down on the floor crying when mommy says no went from funny novelty to commonplace in two weeks flat. Sitting on mommy's lap during library story time is no longer safe & comfy, he'd rather be off sitting in the window & wandering around looking at other kids. Which is fine, but a little sad and a little silly to be sitting there by yourself singing "head shoulders knees and toes" with no one to appreciate it but the storyteller.

Peaceful playdates are a thing of the past although its pretty funny to watch Audrey chase him around trying to steal some treasure, like a ball, while he wails and squeals. But he's grabbed his fair share from other kids as well. Saben has been particularly keen on exercising his rights of choice - he can be very specific about what he wants and was starting to relish having 2-3 different types of cereal each morning before I put a stop to it.

Almost two - things Saben loves:
1) Making mommy & Daddy draw things for him. "Big Heart" "Blue circle IN THERE"
2) His colored pencils & paper - he just started drawing individual shapes that almost resemble circles, diamonds, etc. A lot less scribbling. He loves fingerpaints now too.
3) Deciding what color cup he wants his milk or water in.
4) THROWING ROCKS IN WATER. He is crazy about this, but its handy at plant nurseries where there is almost always gravel and a puddle to keep him busy for 20 minutes or more.
5) Footballs, basketballs, big balls... and throwing them in the house.
6) The children's museum - we finally got a membership "Museum Fun!" he says
7) Trains
8) His helicopter socks. He asks to wear them every day.
9) Emptying the dishwasher
10) Saying no
11) Sticking out his tongue and rolling/curling it - this just started a couple days ago.

As for Baby number 2, things are going great there as well. Mommy feels a ton better, is feeling all the first little kicks & flutters and we'll find out the sex (hopefully) in just a couple weeks.

As for Mommy, well she's been quite busy obsessing about the new garden in the backyard. We just bought a giant tree (Cornus Kousa) last weekend and I hit a sale at Swansons before going to the NW Flower and Garden Show with my dad Friday. (fun!!!) Plus I found my new favorite semi-local nursery last Thursday - Christiansons, down in Mt Vernon. I somehow managed to pick out 3 roses out of the 300 they had on stock - after weeks of internet research. And I've been researching installing a drip irrigation system. After we lay drainage tile and some sod in a couple weeks. PHEW! All that to say that all my "internet" minutes have been spent on those projects and I really need to get back in the habit of emailing & blogging.

Long post, no pictures, sorry! But that's the update....

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Long week

Kyle has been in Taiwan for 9 days and for some reason I didn't feel much like blogging that whole time. Now he's back & asleep (jetlag) and suddenly I am full of blog energy once again.

I just added my 3 all time favorite pasta recipes to my recipe site, so go check them out and be sure to tell me if you give them a try! I'll try to add a couple more pasta favorites this week, we'll see how it goes. I also just made sure comments from that blog are emailed to me, I just realized there were a couple that I had never even seen so sorry if you expected a response and didn't get one!

Lastly, my favorite sight (from what....two weeks ago?) is my husband's sneaky little smile & twinkling eyes when he is teasing me or joking around. Sometimes the teasing drives me nuts when I'm not in the mood at all, but its still one of my favorite things about him. I wish I had a good picture, but I'm about ready for bed & don't feel like looking for one. Here's one that has always cracked me up instead.