Thursday, June 28, 2007


Well it seems little sister Young isn't so little after all. We had out ultrasound today and the measurements put her at 8lbs - today, with 3 weeks left till my scheduled c-section. That puts her around 8.75 - 9.5 pounds in 3 weeks. So an 85% percentile baby doesn't really get my hopes too high for a VBAC unless I go into labor in the next 5 days.

Plus the doctor is keeping a really close eye on the pre-eclampsia thing, my tests were clear last week, but he ordered more labs today just in case and a non-stress test at the hospital tomorrow to see how she is doing.

I am super appreciative that he's taking it so seriously. At this point, if any symptoms started pointing even slightly towards pre-eclampsia, it sounds like they would do a c-section almost immediately. He actually seemed doubtful today that I would make it to the 18th, so that was interesting. I think its because Saben was a week early.

Anyways, there's the update and now I'm running off to Seattle to take Saben to the aquarium and see some long lost friends.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Last night as I was looking at the moon, I remembered that Saben came on a full moon a week before he was due. True, I was induced, but I originally went to the hospital because I had leaked a bunch of fluid Friday morning, which was the full moon day.

I had always heard lots of babies are born on full moons, and my good friend who was due a week before me went into labor the exact same day. On the other hand, the maternity ward was nearly empty when we were there.

Stil.... watch out this weekend, June 30th is a full moon and who knows what will happen.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

David & Goliath

Once upon a time there was a little boy named David who liked to watch sheep. One day there was a big bully who was mean to David and his brothers. Everyone was scared for him except David. He wasn't scared because he knew God would protect him. David volunteered to fight with the bully and the king was happy. David went to fight the mean bully, and God helped him throw a rock at his head and knock him down.
The End

Kari's paraphrase from Saben's book "Peek a Bible"

Baby Confusion

Saben sitting on the couch by himself saying "The baby is kicking in my tummy. Right there! There it is, kicking in my tummy....There's the foot!"

Saben points to his or my belly button "Baby is right there!"

Mommy just read a story about baby Jesus being born and asks "Saben, do you know who Jesus is?" Saben points to lower chest and says "He's right there"
Mommy gasps, so impressed that somehow her son knows Jesus lives in our hearts. She tells Daddy at dinner and Daddy gets Saben to do it again except this time he points more towards his tummy. Suddenly it dawns on her that they had been reading about BABY Jesus and he thinks he has baby jesus in his tummy.

Mommy to Daddy "How about Savannah for a name?"
Saben "No! How about Saben."
Repeat every time one of us suggests a name.

Mommy "Mommy is going to get lots of clothes and presents for your baby sister today Saben"
Saben "No, presents for my pee pee"

Saturday, June 16, 2007

One year

I can't believe it, I missed my one year blogging anniversary two weeks ago. Happy anniversary to me....!

Friday, June 15, 2007

As proud as I am when Saben learns something new, I'm afraid I might have to stop writing about it on my blog because it seems to trigger him immediately forgetting his new skills.

Example 1
After talking about how well Saben was doing in his big boy bed, the VERY NEXT nap he took, he was sneaking out of bed playing with toys for over an hour.

Example 2
Saben has been so helpful and eager to please lately...until I wrote my post about him picking things up off the floor for me. Suddenly he has this new "game" where he pretends to have no idea how to do things. We go to do puzzles and he acts like he has no idea where the piece goes even though I've seen him do the entire puzzle in 1 minute flat. He can't seem to remember where we keep our measuring cups when he helps me unload the dishwasher even though he's put them away since he was just 18 months old. I haven't even had the baby yet, how can he be relapsing this early!!! And he's just been a pill all week long again, although I'm no saint either with only 5 weeks of pregnancy left.

The last 4 days I have been swelling a bit more, still nothing compared to last time, but its worrying. Mostly I just have no idea when I swelled last time, so I'm trying to note it here so I have a record of it.

Lastly, can I whine for a moment about how much I hate June? I think I've decided to declare it my least favorite month of the year. May always gets me all excited for summer and June is always such a let down. I think I've hated it since I was kid, I have such strong memories of it being cloudly & rainy the second we got out of school. Yuck.

My little angel just woke up and told me "I pooped" so I better run.

Monday, June 11, 2007


Sometimes I am not sure if anything on earth is more ironic than pregnancy.
For example:

1. You are exhausted constantly but have to avoid caffeine.
2. Your body aches and you can't use a hot tub or take a hot bath.
3. You get exceptionally clumsy at exactly the same point where your body is so heavy that picking up dropped/spilled items is agony.
4. You are emotional, exhausted, high strung, etc, and really could use a nice glass of wine to unwind a little in the evening, but you can't have any.

5. You need all the sleep you can get, but you're too uncomfortable to sleep very well.

I'm sure there's more, any moms out there want to help? (Just for the record so that when some of us start contemplating "just one more" we remember how crazy it can get. And if the on 2nd time around things like these got old a lot faster, I can only imagine how I'd be feeling by round 3)


There is possibly nothing better than being 34 weeks pregnant and realizing your son has finally reached a point where

a. He rarely needs to be carried anywhere and will actually go where you tell him to go

and even better...

b. He understands and will enthusiastically obey when you ask him to grab things for you that you dropped, forgot in another rooms, are too lazy to get yourself, etc.

Friday, June 08, 2007


I love food when I am pregnant. I actually always love food, but during pregnancy it tastes amazing and is so much more satisfying. I could never remember what I craved with Saben, except for Chicken McNuggets. Thankfully that craving is gone this time and I decided what I really crave all the time is fruit. It started with the limeade every night, then progressed to eating pounds of strawberries dipped in sugar in the evenings. Now its blueberries & nectarines. Saben & I have eaten 2 pounds of blueberries in less than 2 weeks. Thank goodness they are on sale this week at Haggen!

This pregnancy I am also able to eat a lot more veggies and am less picky in general. Even salmon tastes delicious, which I avoided last time. The only bad habit that carried over into this pregnancy is that if I eat anything sweet in the evening, I immediately want some salty popcorn. Really, I think pregnancy just increases my natural food tendencies because I love salty & sweet together. But lately its been almost unbearable to not go make a bag of popcorn to go with my icecream.

Lastly, a little plug for my new love, these delicious Raspberry Sorbet & Vanilla Frozen Yogurt Haagen Dazs bars. mmmmmm......

Friday, June 01, 2007

Favorite photo ever

Playing in the meadow during our trip to Portland

Baby Sister

Family at Ski to Sea

Ladybugs in the garden

Visiting Daddy at the shop


Its been almost two weeks since Saben started sleeping in his new twin bed. At first he
HATED it - no wait, at first he LOVED jumping on it, but when we suggested sleeping it, he changed his mind. We moved his blankets & teddies (bears, not lingerie) to the bed and he immediately shouted "no! Back in crib!" and threw them back where they belonged. The few nights we put him the bed, he just cried pathetically and kept saying "crib, crib, crib....".

It was so sad, and we figured this was going to be a lot harder than we expected and decided to wait a couple weeks till we were really ready to tackle the problem. Finally, on a Sunday, it was time and I decided he would sleep in the bed even if it took us 2 hours to keep him there. But all it took was both of us laying & playing in the bed with him for a while, then bit by bit, getting farther away until finally we shut the door. (we'd done this one night before, but every time I disappeared, he woke up crying. After an hour, we gave up.) By the second night it only took about 30 minutes and by night three it was a piece of cake. Who knew? After a week, I started putting him there to nap too, no problem.

In the mornings he got out of bed and liked to yell "I wake up!". This week he woke up at 6:30am which is extremely early for him and so I put him in his crib with puzzles until we were ready to get up. Ever since then he has quit announcing "I wake up!" and just sort of sneaks out and starts playing with his toys. Usually I wake up to the sound of his box of trains being dumped out. He's still waking a little earlier - 7:45 instead of 8:30, but I can handle anything after 7:30.