Friday, February 15, 2008

Week in Review

Bought plane tickets at a great price & reserved a condo for a trip to Hawaii only 2 weeks before we go.

Found out we have enough miles on our credit card to cover the price of all three plane tickets!

Valentines day was wonderful, I discovered how much I love gourmet/imported cheeses with good wine (barnard griffin cabernet - a wonderful $13 splurge) & made some excellent crab cakes.

Tonite we have a date while my parents watch the kids - dinner & then a concert at Western.

After our date is my Sis-in-laws bachelorette party. Woo hoo!

Tomorrow the party continues and Kyle is watching the kids most of the day.

Its supposed to be sunny this weekend.

Annika really loves every vegetable we've given her except Avocado. Meanwhile, Avocado is the only vegetable her brother likes.

So many of my bulbs & flowers are bursting/about to burst into bloom.

Not Awesome
I went to the doctor and found out they want to do surgery as soon as we get back from Hawaii on my ingrown toenail. blech.

Our awesome insurance probably won't cover any of the surgery because we have a $1500 deductible.

Annika stayed up till nearly 10pm twice this week and woke up around 1-3am most nights.

Saben is having a terrible week for potty training. For some reason he keeps going in his pants. I have done the kids laundry 3 times in 5 days just to keep up. He keeps happily quoting the Elmo video "Accidents happen mom". I acted stern about it finally and its only gotten worse since then.

Saben woke Annika up 15 minutes into her nap today & I can't get her back down. She is "helping" me type this post.

I hate buying swimsuits.

Annika just spit up all over my pants.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Birthday Wishes

Things Saben has requested for his birthday:

1) Two pink candles on his cake
2) Gifts - a string of chili pepper lights, a honey bear and a pool table "just a little one"

Sunday, February 10, 2008

10 on 10

A fun project started by Rebekah - One photo every hour for ten hours on the tenth day of the month. So here is my Sunday, captured in photos. We were stuck at home all day for various reasons while Kyle was out shooting guns and racing cars at a bachelor party.

ps. ten points if you can guess where we're going on vacation!

Friday, February 08, 2008


What have we been up to? Other than puking our brains out? Seriously, if you are in that lovely time of life where you only vomit say .... once every 5 years or so, count yourself lucky. If children are entering the picture anytime soon, you can pretty much count on barfing at least once a year, if not more. (right now we're at 4 times in less than 2 years)

This week we neared the ultimate, with 3 of us all sick at exactly the same time. (2am to be exact) Annika was woken up by the um... commotion, but easily placated by Baby Einstein until Mommy was able to get her back to sleep. She actually got it first, but was pretty much better before it hit the rest of us.

But we're better now and getting ready for a couple of mighty busy weeks. We've got a wedding to be in, flowers to arrange for the wedding and possibly, hopefully, a fun "spur of the moment" vacation to go on. (More on that later, once we've got all our reservations)

Lately we've also been....

Getting ready to crawl....

Doing lots of rainy day art projects.

The last two weekends we went up to the mountains to enjoy some snow. Here's instructions in case you live near Bellingham and want some snow fun of your own.

1) buy a sled for $12.99 at Yaegars. Make sure to buy about 10 ft of rope to tow it with. (loop it)

2) Drive up Mt. Baker Hwy. Stop for cheap gas in Deming, but pack a lunch because the sub shop there is under construction. Continue driving to Glacier. Across the street from the Italian restaurant, directly behind a store who's name I forgot, is a road. Turn onto it.

3) Drive till you reach 6" or more of snow (for us it was only like 1/2 mile) and park.

4) Walk up the road, pulling youngsters in sled. Stop for snowball fights. Be sure to initiate your potty trained son in the fine art of creating "Yellow Snow". Get him so excited about it that he starts telling strangers "Don't eat yellow snow!"

5) When you get tired, turn around and sled back down to the car. Unless you got a big kiddo, Daddy or mommy will want to sled with him.

6) Stop at an espresso stand for an 8oz hot chocolate. Be sure to beat the 4:30pm Baker rush.

7) Drive home & enjoy the peace & quiet while tired kids doze in the back.

Snow running


Snowballs! (or Snowchunks?)

Mommy's Favorite Outfits

Annika has so many adorable outfits -especially dresses - to wear right now, I am dreading the day she outgrows everything. I hate putting clothes away that are too small, I always feel so nostalgic, especially when the 0-3mos stuff goes. But on the other hand I love pulling out all the new sized stuff and getting to wear things for the first time.

So if you see us out and about, and Annika is completely overdressed for the occaision, its because I am trying to squeeze every last day out of her gorgeous little dresses. Here's a few favorites I've managed to get pictures of, but there are plenty more to come:

Brown dress from Auntie Shauna (there's better pics, but this one amuses me. Artistically, the contrast of hairy arms with a dainty dress really says something...about something.)

Technically she's outgrown this one, but I squeezed her into it one last time to get a photo. It was from Jon & Vicky. Not the bow though, mommy just thought she should have one bow picture since they never stay on more than a couple minutes.

Mommy picked out this dress last summer when she was pregnant and it is still my favorite ever. I was hoping it would fit for easter....

More from photo shoot "White Balloon, Green Dress". I think she has this modeling thing nailed.

(I know what you're thinking....what mommy blogger doesn't think their daughter should be a model. But come on, look at that pout and the delicate way she's holding the balloon. Natural talent, you can't fake that.)

Have a heart

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It is the least you can do to save our planet and I am happy to help you fulfill your carbon offset needs if you don't want to clutter your own yard.