Monday, October 08, 2007

Annika - 12 weeks

Wow, we are nearing that magic marker, the 3 month mark. Or 12-14 weeks, when everything supposedly gets much easier. Things have been a lot better the last couple weeks, although its still been exhausting at times.

Annika has been regularly sleeping about 9 hours straight for the last 2-3 weeks and it has been wonderful. I am nearly positive Saben didn't sleep through the night that quickly.

Her naps & nursing are still challenging, but she is taking more naps than she used to, as long as I stay home most of the day & put her down as soon as she shows signs of getting tired.

Unfortunately she is a lot less "flexible" than Saben was and being out & about is a pain. She does sleep in the car, but wakes up everytime we get out somewhere. Then the countdown starts, we only have 40 minutes or so before she'll want to nurse again & try to go back to sleep. If she isn't taking a long nap, she still nurses every couple hours during the day, but I guess that makes up for the 8-10 hour breaks at night.

But we did manage to eat in restaurants twice this week as a family with no major meltdowns and she just started getting interested in her toys. She likes kicking the rattles in her bouncy chair and she really likes the blue monkey in her baby gym. In fact she much prefers the blue monkey to either of the rattles. Maybe she'll be my little animal lover since Saben doesn't seem to be leaning that direction....

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Jen said...

I am so jealous that she is sleeping so well!