Thursday, September 14, 2006


Day 1
Beauty is finding a recipe for triple chocolate chip cookies that has the audacity to force one and three quarter pounds of chocolate into just 32 cookies.

Beauty is a cool cloudy fall afternoon and a warm cozy kitchen that reeks of chocolate.

Day 2
Beauty is having a terrible no good very bad day and remembering there is an obscenely chocolately cookie waiting for you in the freezer.

Beauty is a woman's intuition that somehow knew triple chocolate chip cookies were going to be needed in the very near future.

(beauty the theme from mama says om this week)


Lillithmother said...

MMMMMMM....chocolate is a beautiful thing!

chris said...

the smell is making me hungry way over here, and TRULY there is beauty in chocolate!

tracey said...

OH YUM! What a deliciously clever post!

Shelley said...

Must. Have. Cookie.

misha said...

i was going to call you sooner but i can't :) - but pls love on my babies! I miss them...and THANK YOU!! xox Mish