Friday, October 12, 2007

Saben - 2 1/2 years

I've realized lately that Saben does so many quirky, funny things that I don't even remember to record them all anymore. So here's a little list in honor of him turning 2 1/2 a couple weeks ago.

  • Every time I put Saben to sleep, I lay in his bed and sing "Jesus Loves Me" and "Amazing Grace" (1, 2 & 3rd verses). Sometimes Saben sings along and that is my favorite thing ever. He knows all the words to all 3 verses of Amazing Grace that we sing, even if he is mostly off key.

  • For a while now, Saben has liked to play this game where he says "I'm going to eat you" and then licks your face. He especially likes licking/sticking his mouth on our noses and he yells "gross!" before we even got a chance. He even grabs your face to hold it still while he does it.

  • Saben always goes to sleep with a glass of ice water.

  • Saben is madly, passionately in love with railroad crossings. (see below, it warranted a post of its own)

  • This summer, Saben started chasing Roxxy around & around the table with his big metal truck. She ran because he would ram her with the truck if she didn't. Then he'd scream at her if she went onto the grass or too far away. It was so loud when he got the truck going that we had to make a rule that he couldn't chase her while we were still eating dinner.

  • Saben is not to fond of insects. Lately he thinks everything is a bee & is going to bite him. We went to the park & saw dragonflies which he was terrified of. To try & calm him down I said "They won't bite you, they'll just kiss you!". So now he keeps telling everyone "The dragonflies kiss me!"

  • When Saben is afraid, he covers his eyes with his arm.

  • Saben's favorite meal is breakfast & he often eats two good sized bowls of cereal.
  • Saben is a chatter box, more than most kids we know. He often talks about trains, but also very random things. When a visitor comes over and walks in the door, he will often "break the ice" by saying something like "There's the light!" or some other mundane observation.
  • When Kyle tickles Saben they refer to it as "looking for crumb dumbs". Don't ask me, but Saben will point to his belly and say "There is a crumb dumb here" and then you have to tickle him there.

That's all I can think of right now....


AndiMae said...

Geesh! I don't look at your blog for awhile and then you start posting like crazy! :)

All of Saben's sweet little quirks make me miss him so much! And that train-crossing drawing- seriously awesome. And I totally agree- potty training is GROSS!

And I can't believe that Annika is sleeping so much at night! I am so jealous!

Miss you!

kelleymenard said...

Wow!! I can't believe all the stuff you have posted on your blog. I am getting better about looking at what is going on in the blogging world...who knows, maybe someday I will have my own. For now, I just like to leave random little comments.

I am in Eugene this week and the Turanski's say hello. Kelly just got done potty training John and is relieved to not pick up "logs" off the floor and his underwear. It's just not pleasant any way you look at it.

Let's get together when I get back into B'ham.

Jenny said...

I hate dragonflies too..Saben is not alone. And on an embarrassing Jeff really. Jeff is really ticklish and so I tickle the spot between the his collar bone and neck and say "I think you've got honey in there...where are you hiding your honey?" Ok, wait..that was actually embarrassing to ME! Oh well.