Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Can you guess what Saben's favorite part of the fair was?
(yes, I know it was a month ago, but how many times can I start posts by apologizing how late I am?)

Nope, no trains at the fair, was it the chickens? The huge draft horses? The miniature ponies? Maybe the cotton candy, snow cone, ice cream, funnel cake or pfeffejkes he ate? (yes, we go for the food all right. Now that I type it I can't believe how much food we bought and that doesn't include what we actually ate for lunch.)

Nope. The big moment when Saben shouted out with glee was when he spotted.... fireplaces. At the spa boothes. And everytime we went by he would yell again and demand to go see them. The good news is that we managed to finally pick out a hot tub while we were admiring the fireplaces and have been enjoying it in our backyard for the last couple of weeks.

So yes, Saben loves fireplaces & fires, second only to trains. He actually builds fireplaces out of his wooden train tracks & uses his blocks for firewood. I guess the next backyard purchase better be some sort of firebowl/chimnea.

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