Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My favorite things

My favorite baby products that I "found" this time around:

Bebe Au Lait nursing covers (aka Hooter Hiders) - I have absolutely loved having one of these, it makes it so much more relaxing to nurse in public places like restaurants, airplanes, etc. (The store I linked has free shipping, is mother owned, and has lots of cool products)

And Baby Legs as seen on Annika previously, so handy because you don't have to take them off to change diapers and keeps girls warm in all their cute dresses. Plus the patterns are adorable and remind me of the purple glittery pair I had when I was a kid. (The shop I linked is Kyle's cousin's online store - they have great shoes too!)


Jennifer said...

I love Baby Legs...Evie has several pairs! They are so cute, the remind me of leg warmers!

Tiffany VanArsdel said...

Hi Kari! The last time I saw you, we were packing my moving truck and you were barely pregnant with now big boy Saben! I check in your blog from time to time when I'm checking Amy's.

Last night I was enthralled in reading all of your new baby sleep troubles (I have a 9 month old daughter) and Nick came in and said, "Is it really that interesting?" (meaning "I need attention from my wife now") and yes, it is! I love reading your posts about mommyhood! And, I love my bebe aut lait (I could never figure out the blanket coverage). Take care. Tiffany

Kari said...

Hi Tiffany! I was just thinking about you recently because I have a friend in Spokane now and we might just make the long drive over someday soon. And so of course it occurred to me that a stop in Pulman might be nice if I could figure out how to contact you.
Do you still have the same hotmail address? I would love to see pictures & hear about your daughter!

Casey said...

Hi Kari,

I'm a friend of Kristen G and found a link to your blog off of hers. Thanks so much for posting husband and I are expecting our first baby (a girl) the first week of December and I need all the help I can get with all the helpful baby products! :)