Thursday, June 30, 2011

Very very true story

Mommy: Annika, tell daddy about the horsey you saw that you want for your birthday!
Annika: You mean the beautiful horsey with shiny wings and a horn and a button you push that makes it talk?
Daddy: It talks! What does it say?
Annika: I don't know!
Daddy: Well that's silly! You should push the button, what if it says something silly?
Saben: I remember what it says! It says "Hey devil woman, I am going to cut your poop in half!"

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

brief update


Has his first loose tooth, bottom front left. We noticed it about 3 weeks after his sixth birthday.

Is reading like crazy. He can easily read those level two readers these days. It was slow at first, but once it clicked in his brain, he just took off.

Is turning into a pest like his daddy. He is always poking, hitting, & trying to play little jokes on me. I always say "why don't you try doing the dishes for attention instead?" just like I used to tell Kyle.

Wants to play the drums

Is still obsessed with a capital "O" with star wars and legos.

Loves collecting bugs outside

Is quite nervous about his choir concert tomorrow night. It is so cute.


Just graduated from her first year in preschool.

Has her first dance recital in three weeks. She LOVES dance class. We will have to wait and see whether she actually manages to dance in the recital.....

Loves to help me cook dinner. I need to do better at finding her jobs.

Has already ridden saben's big race bike. She got a flat on her little 12" beginner bike, so Kyle took her out on the big one. She prefers the handbrakes and got pretty good at it, but it scares mommy to death when she gets going fast, so she got the 12" bike fixed.

Still adores her buddy Riley, but has managed to make a couple other good friends this year too.

Still throws fits a lot for no apparent reason. : )

Loves to sing to herself and make songs up.


Ok, I know its been forever and I have completely slacked off on my blog. We even passed my five year blogging anniversary without note. I have just been feeling so busy and completely fulfilled with not writing the blog. Its only those adorable amazing moments in my kids life that I worry about not jotting down. Maybe that post will come tomorrow night.....

But for today, I put some new recipes that I have been LOVING lately over on my blog - Rice Bowls. These have been revolutionary for me & the way we use leftovers in our family. I love them once a week for dinner and often have them for lunch now. And I have never been happier eating my raw veggies. Check it out!

p.s. All credit for the "rice bowls" idea goes to my friend Adriana. I have no idea why it never occurred to me to make something like these before, but I am so grateful she taught me such a simple idea.