Monday, October 08, 2007

Ding Dings

Trains are pretty cool, but Saben's new passion is for ding dings. And big lights. Yes, that's code for railroad crossings. The ding ding is the arm that goes down. He often impersonates them, kicking his legs or moving his arms up and down and saying "ding ding ding".

Today he had a straw & a cup lid - the straw became the ding ding & the lid was the "big lights" (the black ones on the crossings) Pretty much anything that is straight becomes a ding ding. Sticks, bread knives, our tv antennas, the strings on my hooded sweatshirt, all have been moved up and down accompanied by "ding ding ding ding".

We went to the Model Train show at the Lynden fairgrounds this weekend and he loved it. He spent about 25 minutes standing in one particular spot watching the railroad crossing arms go down whenever the the electric train went by. Which happened every 30 seconds or so. So much for kids having a short attention span.

Saben can even draw ding dings. He's been able to do the train tracks for a while, but after watching me draw about 100 railroad crossings, he finally has it mastered. I'd post a picture but I'm too tired. Maybe later.

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Jennifer said...

Everytime I see train tracks I think of you guys. We were at Salmon Days and I saw a small train the had for kids and wondered if you guys made it down. Have you checked out the small train station in Issaquah yet? It is very fun and kid friendly.