Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Did I mention Saben is a fanatic about trains? He is completely obsessed. We read his three train books twice each day and every morning the first thing he does is drag out his wooden train set and start putting the tracks back together. And he talks about them constantly. We went and saw a bunch of airplanes yesterday (heritage flight museum), including ones that were taking off, starting up, making all sorts of exciting noises & flying by low overead and he was only mildly impressed. When we left, he suggested "Go downtown and look for trains".
Does anyone else STILL refer to "The Bon" instead of saying Macy's? Is there any hope that I will someday get the name right?

Friday, May 18, 2007

Saben - 25 1/2 months

Things Saben will eat:
Raw Garlic
Chili Pepper Flakes (the kind you put on pizza)
Black pepper (straight out of the shaker)
Plain Yogurt w/ Granola
Soy Sauce w/ Wasabi (he dipped a spoon in the spicy stuff I'd mixed for my sushi and said "mmmm!". Then he did it several more times so its no fluke)

Things Saben will NOT even try:
Macaroni & cheese
Chicken that's not breaded
You get the idea I think.....

Saben Loves
Trains, train tracks, railroad crossings. He has this whole spiel "I hear a train! Train coming! Down the tracks, clickety clack." and he'll repeat it several times if he actually hears a train whistle but will also start saying it at very random times. Tonite he was saying it loudly and quickly as if trying to impress a couple girls we were visiting.

Balls, especially basket balls. We went to the park the other day and instead of playing on the swings & slides he spent the entire time on the basketball court. He would squat down with his little foam soccer ball and then spring up towards the hoops and use the (imaginary) momentum to get the ball about 2 feet up in the air above his head. It was so cute and he ran all over the court chasing the ball. Saben also just got a used basket ball hoop from our neighbors and he loves it.

Keys - he seemed to outgrow this last fall, but it is back and worse than ever because now he can say things like "Saben Drive". And he gets really freaky about having to have them whenever he wants them so its really a pain.

Sleeping with balls in his bed
Making granola and cookies with mommy
Children's Museum
Grandparents, relatives & adult friends

Saben Doesn't Like:
Wearing shoes - he'd rather go barefoot, even out in the yard and at parks

His big boy bed - we put it in his room to see what he thought. He thought "no way" so now we are getting ready (i.e. procastinating) to do whatever it takes to get him sleeping in it before baby sister comes along.

Putting toys away - mostly just his favorite ones, like the train tracks, he FREAKS out when we put them away as if somehow they are going to be gone forever. He actually does fine putting some stuff away, but playdough, train tracks - watch out.

The last couple weeks Saben has definitely been pushing us as far as discipline goes. He's taken temper tantrums to new volumes and is constantly testing his boundaries. Sometimes it seems like I say no 10 times in just a few minutes and do time outs constantly. Miraculously this last Tuesday was one of our worst days ever, but slowly he's gotten a lot better every day since then. I'd like to think the discipline thing is finally working, but maybe he's just been in a better mood.

I think the hardest part for me is making the rules and deciding which ones you really want to try and enforce. Because sometimes you say no out of laziness and realize your mistake once he's sobbing and then other times you say yes and realize your mistake when he then expects to be able to use at least 6 spoons at every meal.

Finally, a fun story - the other day Saben was watching his friend Audrey getting her diaper changed and observed that she has a tunnel instead of a pee pee. Why teach your kids real anatomy when its so entertaining to see what they come up with themselves??


Just 9 more weeks to go and I am definitely starting to feel the 3rd trimester tiredness. I was ridiculously energetic during the 2nd trimester and often over exerted myself doing things like spreading compost & planting shrubs in the yard. By evening I'd be a puddle of pudding. But I'm starting to wind down now and feel like napping rather than weeding most afternoons. Unfortunately I still have about 2 yards of compost to spread, I want to install a drip irrigation system AND Kyle broke his hand a couple weeks ago so he's no good to me anymore. : )

The good news with this pregnancy is that I have had hardly any signs of pre-eclampsia. I don't quite remember when they hit with Saben, but it seems to me that I started having some warning signs at least a few months in advance. I am finally getting hopeful that I won't have the problems I had last time but the doctor did still send a blood pressure cuff home with me so that I can keep an eye on things as the due date nears. (last time my blood pressure sky rocketed from normal to dangerous levels in about 4 days and complications kept us in the hospital for 5 days after Saben was born)

The scary part about all this for me is that now I actually have to make a real decision about whether or not to have another c-section or to try for a VBAC. Part of me almost hoped that I would have pre-eclampsia again because it would make the decision a lot easier - cesarian for sure. Now I just don't know, it is all so confusing and there are pros & cons either way. Even though a c-section sometimes sounds nice because its all planned out & predictable, I HATE getting cut open while concious. I actually asked the doctor if they could put me under when I found out I had to have one with Saben because mentally it was my worst nightmare. I can't even watch other people chop things with knives or shave with razor blades and I used to pass out when I had shots. But labor is no picnic either and Saben was big - 9lbs 4oz - and that was being born a week early. AND the doctor keeps telling me your 2nd child is usually bigger.

Right now I think I may just keep the c-section scheduled a few days before my due date but go ahead with a VBAC if I go into spontaneous labor before that.

I think I've been so obsessed with putting in the new garden in our backyard that the time has just flown by. And everytime I get a cute little girl outfit I still feel shocked that its really happening. My official prediction is that she's going to arrive with dark hair - like the women on Kyle's side of the family. I'm not sure why I think that, maybe just trying to not get my hopes up for a redhead. My redhaired uncle had 3 non-redheads and neither of my parents have red hair, so its a weird thing.

The other day I was carrying saben on my shoulders (at a plant nursery of course) and realized that between my pregnancy weight and him, my legs had an added 60 pounds to support. Crazy, but I guess women do that sort of thing all the time.

And lastly, for the record, we still have no idea what we are going to name her. Ok, well maybe a few ideas, but nothing's decided. Its been so much harder this time, for some reason we just knew & agreed on Saben before he was even conceived, but we never really had a girl name we both loved. We like a few of them, but none have just seemed to be perfect. Maybe that's just the way it goes in real life.