Sunday, December 30, 2007

Snapshots of Christmas in three parts

December 22nd - Grandma & Grandpa Youngs

Playing some pool - Saben loves playing with Grandma & Grandpa's pool table and finally figured out how to sit on the exercise ball so Grandpa doesn't have to hold him up for hours anymore. G&G Young got him a golf set which he loved, but now we're thinking maybe a pool table would have been even better....

Smile with the presents - Saben has become rebelious about smiling for a camera. I have some great shots of him covering his face & with his eyes closed, but this is his classic "fake" smile.

Mommy & Annika waiting to open gifts.

Family time on Christmas Eve:

Ready for Christmas!!

I'm ready for Christmas too!!!

Christmas morning:

Look mommy, santa left me some candy...what do you mean I can only have two pieces before breakfast?

Post Christmas relaxation:

Thursday, December 27, 2007

All I want for Christmas....

Merry Christmas sweet Annika, mommy found your first tooth just barely poking through on Christmas day! Now two days later it is definitely there, nice and sharp when you gnaw on my finger like you love to do.

More on Christmas later....

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

If my son comes to your house and says things like:
"I am keeping my poop in my butthole"
"I have poop on my nuts"

Please blame his father.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Welcome to my home

I have enjoyed getting a glimpse into people's homes & gorgeous decorating styles when they share photos or tours via their blogs so I thought I'd do one of my own. For now I am just going to do the bathroom.

All of our light fixtures are quite vintage, like the one above the mirror here.

For added safety, we have this bar in our shower to keep our guests from falling and suing us.

Our shower curtain rod is clearly labeled to avoid confusion.

There is a nice hole where the shower comes out so you can peek in and check for water damage.

The entrance to the bathroom has a sort of mosaic effect so that you can view the layers of history under the linoleum. Also notice the gray plastic trim piece that normally you would only find in elegant places like public restrooms. Its quite pleasing how the former owners layered it on top of nice fir trimwork.

This window used to have a gorgeous black plastic bag taped up for privacy. Six months later, I grew bored with that, so I taped up some patterned tissue paper. I am quite fond of the effect and its been in place for almost two years now.

Another vintage item, our rusted out sink. The counters, like the floors, are multilayered, with the final layer being this piece of weathered contact paper, with the upper corners of the "backsplash" held in place on the wall by scotch tape.

Sometimes when really special guests come over we like to put on a fresh layer of duct tape to hold the floor down in this corner.

Joking aside, this is the last room on our main level we have left to remodel. We have spent the last 2 1/2 years thinking "oh, we'll just leave that for now because we'll remodel it soon". So its sort of gross. But I am proud to say we did replace the old cushioned toilet seat that used to be there. Using someone elses cushioned seat really grosses me out.

I'm not just whining either, I think the bathroom is hilarious & since we actually do plan to remodel it soon (really!) I thought I'd record it for posterity.


So yesterday around 5pm I heard this loud loud long crashing sound outside. There's only one thing that makes that sort of wrecks. I ran out the front door in my slippers, holding Annika, just in time to see this blue mini van creeping into the intersection, dragging pieces behind it.

It turned in front of our house...and suddenly took off! Being the poor thinker that I am, I sprinted down the front walk (in slippers holding a baby, don't forget) and down the sidewalk trying to get a plate number. I got the first three and soon police were everywhere. Luckily no one was hurt, just managed to somehow smash up 3 parked cars right on the side of our house, none of which were ours.

In the 2 1/2 years we've lived here I have run down the sidewalk in my socks or slippers 3 times. This was the shortest jaunt so far, the other times I went almost 3 blocks before coming to my senses.

Once was when our neighbor crashed her car down the hill from us, and once, believe it or not, I was merely chasing the tracks of a tree that had been uprooted from our yard overnight and dragged down the sidewalk. We did find the tree several blocks away. Apparently I tend to act impulsively when adreneline kicks in. Watch out.


Today I pulled four baggies of leftover cut up lemon pieces & one baggie of 1/2 a lime out of my fridge. Only 1/2 of the bags had mold though.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Surprise

The other day I went on a hike with Vale and Kyle took the kids on a walk while I was gone. When we all returned home I asked Saben what they had done.
Saben: "We went on a walk....and went to a store"
Mommy: "Oh, a store? Which one?"
Saben: "Four Stars"

Which is the name of a boutique I really like in Fairhaven. Where Kyle probably (hopefully!) "secretly" did some Christmas shopping. So we learned to be really careful about what you tell him because he spent the next 15 minutes chanting "Four Stars....We went to Four Stars..." Thank goodness he didn't see what Kyle bought. (if anything)


Annika got dedicated today in church. We had lots of family there and she wore this cute little handkerchief bonnet that Sandy made that she can use someday in her wedding for "something old". I have it all on video tape, so I won't describe the whole thing in detail. But it was beautiful even though I was a nervous wreck that Annika was going to lose it since she was getting hungry. My Dad said it was "one of the nicest dedications he's ever been too" but he might have been a bit prejuidiced.

Saben spent the whole time up front trying to figure out if he could get away with blowing out the candles in the front of the church. He had so much fun that on the way back to our pew he started skipping, almost fell and then broke out into a little dance right there in the isle. I think he might just do ok in Shauna's wedding in a few months.

Laughter II

For the record, Annika still thinks it is hilarious when saben falls down. (She did her big laugh for him again this afternoon) However, she is not amused when Mommy spins around and then falls down. It did make her grin a lot and I even got a few giggles tonite when I stuck my face on her belly and made "boobeedoo" noises on it after I fell.

I can't really blame her, I also generally laugh pretty hard when people fall down. In soccer I would always laugh first and then realize people were hurt and feel really bad. The worst was the time Amy U. kicked a soccer ball in a guys groin and I laughed really hard and he was in so much pain he had to drive home. Then there was the time she kicked at the ball and fell backwards into a huge mud puddle. That was my very favorite. Sigh. I miss soccer.

Friday, December 14, 2007


Tonite Kyle was holding Annika and commented on how much she loves to watch Saben. He was doing his best to entertain her but she just stared doggedly at her big brother. Saben was twirling around singing "Ring around the Rosie" and when he fell down... She suddenly let out the longest laugh ever. He did it several more times and she kept on laughing her head off. She even did it enough times for me to catch it on video tape.

Annika has giggled occaisionally, just little short 2 syllable ones that barely count, when we tickle her and do other funny parent stuff. But this was definitely the first real laughter that went on for several seconds. It made my heart warm and cozy.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Crazy busy (in a good way mostly) but here are a few pics to keep you entertained....

Friday, December 07, 2007

Ode to a Cranberry

Oh my lovely sparkling cranberry.
So round. So very very round.
Washing you is a pleasure
You shine redly in the colander like a bunch of decapitated rudolph noses winking up at me.
Effortlessly, you bejewel sauces, meats and bread with your charms
Later your tart sassiness will fill my mouth with holiday cheer.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Snow & Cookies

Maybe not quite Christmas card material....

Daddy pegging the boy with a snowball (many snowballs actually. till he cried.)

Our first family sugar cookie decorating party. 2nd try's a charm, the first night he had a total meltdown & we postponed.

culinary works of art