Sunday, September 23, 2007


This is so late, but two weeks ago we went hiking up Heliotrope Ridge by Mt Baker. We thought Saben would probably enjoy walking for maybe 10 minutes or so, the trail is not ultra steep, but does have hills, roots & rocks to step up & generally heads upwards the entire time.

One hour later, he was still chugging along, and really into it, having the time of his life. He loved the climbing parts (steps for us) where he had to pull himself up rocks & tree roots. Whenever other hikers approached, he would actually grunt louder to make sure they knew how hard he was working. It was so incredibly cute and since we love hiking, we were estatic.

The trail finally got too steep and we loaded him into the pack & carried him until we reached about 5 minutes from the end of the trail which features an overlook to a Mt. Baker glacier. There is a stream crossing at this point and it was just a bit to sketchy to jump over with kids attached to your body. So we were stuck, 5 minutes from the end and couldn't really see much from where we were. ARGH!!!

Great view of the glacier, just over that ridge....

On the way down, we timed that it took us about 25 minutes to hike the length of section Saben did all by himself. That's two adults walking downhill.
Anyways, we all had a wonderful time and stopped at the Northfork Brewery on the way home for pizza. mmmm.....

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Kristen said...

Kari--that is so great! what a fun family outing. i love these photos of you guys. looks like you had gorgeous weather for the hike as well! and i love that you make these posts--even if the events happened a few weeks ago. it's so worth it to document memories like these!