Thursday, November 15, 2007

Who knew?

Predictable, but still disturbing to see Jesus portrayed by a carrot.

Jesus really should have come to earth as a teddy bear, think of the impact that would have had on his ministry.


Nativity w/ a "Quilt Theme" because the appeal of pairing quilts w/ Jesus should be immediately obvious.

Baby Jesus s'more snowman makes me sort of hungry. See how they aren't just s'mores, they are snowmen made of s'mores made to resemble the nativity? Very clever twist, that one.

This Mary mouse looks like she is about to devour her young. See the whole set here.

All these pics are amusing, but what really made my night was a description with the phrase:

"Set includes a velcro backed baby Jesus"

I sure wish my babies came backed with Velcro.


Jenny said...

disturbing, yet intriguing...

vicky said...

those pictures just completely brightened my day...and made me laugh. reminds me of of the kids my sister-in-law works with mentioned something about "Jonah" and so she says "oh you mean the man who was swallowed by the whale?" and the kid says "yeah, but he's a tomato not a man".
ps. the whole Jonah story is kinda weird to me but that's a whole other topic.

shawn said...

you are a funny girl. how's the project going?