Thursday, November 29, 2007

Saben 2 years 8 months

Saben's 2nd year has been marked by us saying things like "oh, now he's hit the terrible twos!" (May) "Wait, ok NOW he's definitely two" (August) and "WOW. He is DEFNIITELY two now. Yikes" (November)

We are definitely in a low spot behavior wise with him. We are really trying to get him to try more foods and everynight so far (for 2 weeks) is a screaming fit trying to get him to take one tiny tiny bite of one new thing. Bedtime involves him calling us at least 3-5 times to his room for more water or other made up reasons. Everything we suggest doing, from diaper changes, to going fun places is met with "No!" and running away. Shopping often involves screaming in the shopping cart.

So we are ironing out our discipline methods once again and trying to be steady while he works through it all. He has also been much more attention hungry lately than ever before. He rarely plays contentedly with his toys by himself like he used to, he would rather do stuff with Kyle & I. Not sure if its the lack of new toys since his birthday in March or just the need for interaction these days.

Apparently Saben is also making up for lost time when it comes to childproofing. Suddenly he is playing with plug ins, sticking scary things in his mouth like small bouncy balls, coins & magnets, (we never have had to worry about him choking much, he never put things in his mouth before) and recently we pulled a popcorn seed and a small ball out of his nostril. (two incidents, not at the same time)

Still no progress on potty training either, in January we will start really pushing it. I can't wait.

Saben loves playing games where we make his toys "talk". He has eight cars who all have names & go on adventures together. He is really into make believe lately, everything from making "fires" out of everyday objects to pretending to be a monster who is eating up our kitchen. He is obsessed now with garage doors and everything in our house is a garage door. Except for his markers, they are popsicles.

He loves running around and is getting a lot better at riding his glider bike. He dawdles in that curious preschooler way on walks and likes to observe the color of each and every garage door we pass. He loves drawing, playdough and helping mommy make food. (No, he does not eat everything he helps make, he is quite content to put zuchinni in a pot and not touch it for dinner thank you very much)

I have more to write, but will post it separately later. Time to go play with the boy.

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Anonymous said...

I think I just cried a little for you. Hang in there. It gets better out of the blue. I promise!