Thursday, November 29, 2007

Annika 4 months

Holidays, business trips, sickness, trying to get a jump on Christmas and it's been a busy couple weeks for us! Annika turned 4 months last week and here are her stats from her checkup:
Height: 26 1/8"
Weight: 14lbs 4oz

Annika can now turn both directions. She accomplished back to front a couple weeks ago. She also grabs things and brings them to her mouth now.

Annika seems to be quite the people person. I've mentioned before that she hates just hanging out in the exersaucer. She also has this charming habit of watching people, even strangers, till they look her way. As soon as she catches their eye, she gives them a huge grin. It is so cute and its funny when she does it to people when we're out in public.

She has been loving her Daddy lately and last night just stared at him all over the house & smiled huge everytime he came nearto talk to her. I was holding her and couldn't even get her to look at me, the little stinker. Then she finally turned and threw up right on my stomache.

Annika loves her pacifier and I can get her to sleep easy with it. But lately she's been waking up around 11 or 12, and again at 3-4. Then she finally sleeps till 9 or 10am.

The other thing I love is that Annika is starting to really hold on to me, when I carry her, she's no longer an inert bundle, she puts her arms around my shoulder and steadies herself. She loves touching & kneading me with her hands & arms while nursing and always keeps one arm touching me when she is in bed sleeping next to me. (if I move away a bit she reaches out to find me, even in her sleep)

She seems to be a bit braver than her brother was when it comes to being lifted in the air. She is all smiles these days when we whirl her around. She also loves all her toys now, from the "baby gym" to her Lamaze doll "emily" but still prefers humans to anything else.

We love you Annika!

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Anonymous said...

Both my kids do that hand on us while they are sleeping melts me everytime. So precious.

Hi Annika! xox