Friday, November 02, 2007


Halloween 2007 memories

1. The scary house - there is a lady up the street who goes all out (I'm sure you know the type) on Halloween decorations. Saben made it up the front walk and seemed to love it, but by the time we had activated the smoke machine, the cackling mummy and the spider had lowered as she opened the door, he was wide eyed and frozen. He didn't break down into tears until we turned to leave and the "hidden mummy" opened and cackled at him for the 6th time. He's talked about the "scary house" every day since. Whoops.

2. Molasses boy - I have never seen Saben move so slowly as we went from store to store trick or treating downtown. It was driving me crazy, I really thought he'd be faster this year, I know he can move faster, but I guess there is a lot to look at. He was just as slow at night too when we went door to door. Not taking a nap might have had something to do with it, but still....

3. Too much candy - for some reason, every single year, I buy way too much candy to hand out to kids and then get all crazy trying to get as much as we can downtown. I don't know why, but when I see everyone handing out free candy, my inner child kicks in and I go nuts. Candy! For free! So I drag poor molasses boy all over downtown when really a couple blocks would have been fine and then we get home and have 3 trick or treaters so we're left with lots and lots of candy. Next year I PROMISE to let Saben go at his own pace and not try to hit every single store as quick as we can. I don't even like candy!!!! That is the funny thing. I would gladly throw it all away today.

4. Crafty mama - I made that railroad crossing shirt! All by myself! Ok, I had some advice from the original Crafty Mama , but I tackled the intimidating craft store all by myself, ironed on the letters & the fabric "X" and even handstitched the whole thing so it wouldn't fray in the wash. Now Saben can wear the shirt all year and hopefully it will last...

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