Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Saben has hit that most delightful stage where he asks a zillion questions every day. Except they're not even real questions, its like he just can't stop talking. For instance, he just watched a truck pull into a driveway, open the garage & close it across the street. (his other obsession is garage doors, ever since we got our new one installed). So now the truck is sitting there and here is the string I had to answer:

Will the garage go up?
Will it go down again?
Where did he go?
Is he in the house?
Is he in the bathroom?
Is he in the truck?
Where is he?
Is he in the garage?
Will it go up again?
Will he come back out?
Where did he go?
Where is the man?
Is he in the truck?

And so forth. Notice the repitition of the same question over & over. Notice that I said "I don't know" and "Saben, I don't know where he went" about 20 times in 3 minutes. He asks questions about things he already knows too.

Mommy, did we throw rocks in the lake?
Did I throw rocks in the lake?
Did you throw rocks in the lake?
Did the rock splash?
And so on.

It is driving me bonkers. He is also just sponging up attention, he doesn't let me do things like say, write in my blog, anymore. Actually right now he finally left to go play with train tracks and I am going to go join him. Oh no wait, he is back, kicking the computer. Is that a hint?

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