Friday, November 02, 2007

Forever I have been super paranoid about leaving the kids alone in the car, even for just a minute or two. I hate returning carts when I have to go too far from the car & I almost never left Saben in the car in our driveway. Kyle & I have had arguments about this even, because he will leave them in there & I freak out.

But the other day I was blown, the kids were grumpy and I had to return a pair of pants to Buffalo Exchange because it was the last day (5th) I could do so. I just happened to get a spot right outside the store and after carefully weighing my options (heavy, crying baby & running escaping toddler or... peace) I decided that I could just duck in really quick & exchange the pants & watch the kids through the window. I was literally only 15 feet from the car, but it is the first time EVER I have gone inside a building while they were still in the car.

I turned to say something to the cashier and imagine my horror when I turned around and there were THREE policemen looking in the window of the suburban! I ran out immediately, apologizing of course, feeling like an awful mom. One guy goes "Well we heard the baby crying...." and I wanted to say "yah, that's what they tend to do, especially in the car. You try and get anything done without having your baby cry."

Luckily they didn't yell, lecture or even really say anything, but I still felt pretty stupid and couldn't believe my bad luck.

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Jen said...

I am the same way about leaving them in the car. I hate going to costco...loading the car, then caring her back to return the cart, then back to my spot strap her in while 5 people have been waiting 15 minutes for my spot.