Friday, June 20, 2008

Sometimes I wish I could just compose blog posts in my head and have them magically appear on my computer. Because I write such great ones when I'm sitting at the park in the sun, watching my cute kids have the time of their lives running around & exploring the spray park for the first time this summer.

Unfortunately the only times I have to blog are when the kids are asleep. Which means that generally I am exhausted, tired and often feeling cranky about how difficult the kids were being the last hour before bed. Its hard to capture a joyous afternoon in just the right way when you sit down to write about it in that sort of mood.

Annika at the park

She loves watching the spraying water and crawls just close enough to not get sprinkled. She spent at least 15 minutes yesterday just staring at the kids and the water, occaisionally looking back to smile at me. It was adorable.

Then it was off to the slides. She loves sliding and prefers to crawl down them head first. At this one park, she gets to the top of the stairs, stops, looks at me and then suddenly takes off for the slide because she knows that I am going to grab her. It is so funny, she really wants to go down head first all by herself. So I grab a foot and lower her down. She's done a few face plants at the bottom, but that hasn't discouraged her. At Fairhaven & Cornwall park, she goes straight for the huge spiral slides, none of those short wimpy ones for her and so Mommy spends the entire time going down slides with her.

Saben at the park

Saben loves playing with older boys. The more rambunctous the better. Yesterday he saw two 4 year old boys running around the playground with swords and he just joined in chasing them. They pretty much ignored him at first, but eventually they stopped & Saben tried to get them to share their swords. Lucky for me, they refused. He chased them a really long time, laughing, squealing & giggling the whole time till they ended up at a water fountain. At first I thought they were just splashing eachother, but suddenly a different older boy spit water right in Saben's face. He thought it was hilarious so we had to have a little talk about spitting. The boys mom felt really bad.

Lately he has really been into aggressive style games. He does it in fun, but he loves pushing & throwing things at kids. Unfortunately they often aren't ready for it and they don't find it so fun. Especially the girls. Especially when its woodchips being thrown in someone's (simon's) face. We're working on learning appropriate behavior.

Saben suprised me yesterday playing soccer with this older girl. She would boot it as hard as she could and he'd run after it and then kick it back to her. It always took 5-6 kicks to return it, but he always kicked it right to her. Her dad told me saben looked like a natural and he was impressed someone so young was kicking so well. Must be all the lessons his cousin Lara gave him a few weeks ago...

Also yesterday, Saben decided he wanted to put on his swim trunks and pulled his pants & underwear down right next to the playground. He pretty much stripped down before walking over to where I had his swimsuit. He ran through the water a couple times, just barely getting wet and decided he'd had enough. He prefers to dodge the water rather than run through it. Once again, he just pulls down his swim trunks before I have a chance to help him. THEN, he decides to pee in the grass, right there by our towel. Ugh. I was so embarassed, although I doubt anyone was really watching us that close.

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