Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Sunny Days

We've been out enjoying the sun and I can't seem to find the energy in the evenings to sit down and update the blog! I do have lots of fun things to update about, and I'm going to try to do it soon.

Two weeks ago Annika really started walking on her own (as opposed to taking steps we beg her to take) and this week she is stomping all over the house & even trying to chase her brother sometimes. It is so cute!!!

Lastly, I just saw this again this morning & enjoyed it so much, I think you should check it out. The expressions on their faces are hilarious.

Kari's daily funny

(I wish I had the time to put up something every day to make you laugh, but I'll call it that anyways. OH, except its not mine per se. But I did find it for you.)


vale said...

you're off the hook but I do want to see your post on 10 on 10 this month!

P.S. Did you read the chicken article?

TheFiveDays said...

I saw those pics the other day and they just cracked me up, too! LOL!!!

I miss seeing your posts but I understand you've got your hands full!

Annika is adorable toddling around, I bet! Awww! Growing up so fast, aren't they?

Enjoy the sun... :)