Monday, June 02, 2008

Yah, cause why on earth would a mom want to buy a sweatshirt or pair of pants for her 10 month old this time of year? Apparently I should only be buying tank tops, dresses & shorts because there is not one single warm thing to be found in the entire mall. Look outside. It's June. Officially dubbed in 2007 as "Kari's least favorite month of the year."


Vicky said...

I had exactly the same problem just last month while trying to buy a new hoodie for Lila.

Jen said...

I found them on the clearance racks at Fred Myers. That is the only place then its hit and miss for sizes.

TheFiveDays said...

This drives me CRAZY!!! What about air conditioning?? Cool mornings? Trips? AAARGH.

I am trying to find some comfy knit pants for my son to wear in the house on summer mornings when we have to get the house down to 68 degrees so we can endure the 110 degree afternoon. I have looked everywhere I can think of online and they are nowhere to be found. Unless I want to pay over $40 for a pair.

I did luck out and find some hoodies for my girls at Mervyn's a couple weeks ago. And they were part of the regular line, not clearance. A miracle.

Ooh, and I just got my son some lightweight sweatshirts and pullovers at Gymboree. I am especially loving the "Grey Half-Zip Pullover" from the Kid Boys on sale for $5.99. It's really soft and not too heavy. :)

I swear I am not a Gymboree addict...