Friday, June 13, 2008

more potty talk

So the other day this guy comes over to measure our bathroom. Just before he arrives, Saben has to use his little toilet seat and I go to answer the door while Saben is just finishing up. As I lead the guy to the bathroom, we pass the seat, which somehow Saben bumped & spilled pee all over the floor. Gross.

Of course I can't just pretend it isn't there, so I kind of shrug and am like, great - so cool that my son has pee on the floor when someone comes over. I clean it while he does his measuring.

I spend some time chatting with the guy about what we want in our bathroom. He leaves and 30 minutes later as I'm sitting at the table I notice something um...crusty on my cheek. Annika has had an extremely snotty nose all week and sure enough, there are dried up boogers on my face from where she "slimed" me earlier in the morning.

sweet. I am sure we made a stellar impression. The kind of impression that leads young guys to think "I'm not so sure I want kids afterall".

Did I mention that these days our only toilet is in the basement, in a bathroom with no walls, that is filled with guys working on it? So every time I need to use the lavatory, I have to inform 1-3 guys of this fact & clear them all out. And hope that when I go down there none of them have picked that moment to take their own turn in the facilities, which uncannily has already almost happened a couple times. (I heard flushing right as I headed down the stairs, stopped & ran the other direction)


Anonymous said...

I feel for you, maybe someone you know has a small, camper size portapotty you can barrow. We did that when our toilets were out, over thanksgiving one year. haha Deb

Shauna said...

awkward!!!! ha! I can't wait to see the place...but I think we'll wait until you have walls and a door on the bathroom. ;P