Tuesday, June 03, 2008


We are planning a trip to Italy this summer and even though I am pretty nervous about leaving Annika for quite a while, I am very excited. So ....if you've been to Italy, tell me your favorite city. We are thinking Rome & Naples right now since we'll only have a week or so. I've been a bunch of places in the north, like Florence, Venice, Cinque Terra, etc.

Second of all, I started Annika on one bottle of formula a day to get her weaned shortly after her first birthday so that we can take our trip. I know I would never have considered it with Saben because I was completely in love with nursing. BUT wow. It is sooooooooooooooo nice. So convenient. It just makes everything so much more flexible to be able to offer her a bottle once a day instead of stopping to nurse.

No matter how dedicated you are to nursing, I would highly recommend considering it. I am not sure if there are any drawbacks I am unaware of, but it hasn't impacted our nursing at all so far, other than one less feeding a day. (its been 3 or 4 weeks I think) I am in love with it, but definitely still feeling sadness at weaning her so soon this time.


Jen said...

I have no idea how moms nurse so long. I have EBM or formula feed sinces day one. It was just easier for us. Plus when she was younger she was till getting the good stuff from the BM and Sean was able to feed her at night.

D said...

I agree that it was helpful when I went back to work.

I think it's funny the way that you put it "so nice to just fix her a bottle once a day instead of stopping to nurse" cause I remember reading so many places that it is "so nice not to have to fix a bottle-- you just stop and feed your baby, no preparation needed!" All in the perspective!

I know what you mean by being sad. Kiera cut me off at 15 monthes-- she was too busy to sit and eat!

:-) denaye

BrenV said...

Rome is high on my list of places I still want to visit. I'm not sure where else I'd want to go in Italy. It seems like smaller unique places are more your style.

Tiffany said...

I want to go with you to Italy and be your personal tour guide. I'm good. I can walk backwards and talk at the same time.

Florence was my favorite city in Italy, but Pisa had the best gelato I've ever eaten. Rome was crazy because there are ruins everywhere. very impressive. But the pizza was not very good.

TheFiveDays said...

I have only been to Rome, Florence & Venice. I did enjoy all the history in Rome...there is some really amazing stuff there. And I am Catholic so seeing Vatican City was awesome, too.

Regarding breastfeeding, I am glad that it is going well preparing Annika for the trip! I have always taken a few months to wean my kids because I like to make it as painless as possible. I have always felt like bottles were such a pain and nursing was a breeze...no prep work, cleaning up, etc. I am not the most organized person.... ;) But it is a great idea for your situation. Did she have any resistance to the bottle? I have been trying to give Sydney a bottle or sippy cup here or there and she just wants to chew on them.