Thursday, April 17, 2008


Ok, I know that 20 of you checked my blog yesterday and only 2 people told me embarassing stories. Thank you FiveDays & Vale!! Please please please tell me a funny story. It can be about anything. Anything at all. Doesn't anyone want a magazine subscription?

To give you ideas, here is my most embarassing parenting moment.


Shauna said...

>>>>>>WARNING: this is gross<<<<<

I was babysitting for these people who lived in a huge beautiful house (it was featured in a design was *that* cool)... and I plugged the toilet. I had never plugged a toilet before and was frantic and on the verge of tears when I called my mom to tell her my problem. I couldn't find a plunger and didn't know how to use one she sent my dad over with a plunger in hand. He fixed it (while I sat completely embarrassed) and then he left - all before the parents got home to discover what I'd done.

sorry if it was TMI for everyone!!! I'm embarrassed just posting it.

Tiffany said...

We didn't post b/c the first story is a winner! But, I will attempt, knowing that as the mother of a 15 month old I have yet to truly experience embarrassment.

Warning: another poop story awaits you.

A few weeks ago, I fed Sydney curried lentil soup for dinner. I was so proud of her for eating what seemed a not-so-baby food. I think I even bragged about her success with the curried lentils to a few people. And I think I had just bragged that we were past the blowout phase of diaper life. Well, the next day, she got some business taken care of in her diaper and I decided it was Nick's turn. He yelled for backup and I went in to find the curried lentil soup in its exact form from the day before and I nearly puked. It was everywhere. Then, I went into the kitchen to wash my hands and found a trail of lentil soup dookie drops all around the kitchen. In her post-dinner waddling, she had peppered the house with lentil poopy. So gross. So sad. Embarrassing? I don't know if it qualifies, but I felt humbled.