Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kari's Blog Giveaway Extravaganza!!!!

As we approach this blogs 2 year anniversary (ok, its still 1 1/2 months away) I have decided to do a little contest!

In the comments section, please tell me a funny story about your most embarassing moment with a child under your care.

(you know, like the time your child crawled under the door in the dressing room while you were undressed and nearly escaped, but instead stopped to crawl under someone elses door? This hasn't happened to me, but it'd be pretty funny and embarassing if it did. hmm.... maybe we should just make up embarassing scenarios. Do you think that would be funnier?)

Lucky for me the prize does not involve a trip to the post office since I despise going there. The prize will be a subscription to my favorite parenting magazine, Wondertime. I might even give away two subscriptions if lots of people tell me funny stories. I just started a new "meal plan" that forbids the eating of butter so I could really use some cheering up. Please, please, make me laugh.

If you are not a parent and don't want a subscription, then I will just send you my best wishes for winning and instead send it to the runner up. Or maybe I'll think of something to send you in the mail, but no promises.

Judging criteria: Whichever story makes me laugh the hardest. I will rate my laughs on a scale of 1-10 and then pick a winner.


Anonymous said...

Well, It really isn't funny so I'm taking myself out of the running right now but...I just thought of the most embarassing/humbling time I watched your kid (pre-Annika). Abe had previously always watched Saben and you seemed to have such an easy time putting him down at night so, I volunteered to watch him one evening when you went (I don't remember where). Then, I had a horrible time putting him down for bed. In fact, I couldn't. He was screeming and I tried to rock him, read him stories, cuddle him, etc. None of these would work so I gave up and just sort of let him drink milk from a bottle while I held him sobbing in your rocking chair until you came home. I felt like a total failure and like you probably wouldn't want me to watch him again (in fact, that might have been the last time). When I shuffled away, you said he had been cutting teeth. Still, I didn't feel any less stupid for not getting your easy kid to bed. No laughs...I know...but at least know that I still feel a bit sheepish about that night. V

TheFiveDays said...

So here is ONE of my many embarrasing moments.

My daughter had just recently turned two. We just had an incident where we gave her a sandwich from the deli and then AFTER we had some, we realized it was super spicy. My husband decided to give her a sip of beer to cut the heat, since her little face was turning bright red and she was sticking her tongue out!

Well, we thought she would be pretty disgusted with it and spit it out. But NO...she loved it and kept saying, "more beer!" We were worried what we had started...

So here's the embarrasing part...

A few days later I took her out shopping and we got a slightly spicy quesadilla while we were out. I was sitting in the parking lot of Mervyn's in our minivan with her eating, and we had the door open to let the breeze in.

She starts saying, "I need some beer!" really loudly while we were eating. She was right, a beer would have tasted good with the food. But not for a two year old, and not in the car!

I told her we didn't have beer in the car, and she gets up and starts searching all the cupholders, screeching, "I WANT BEER!!"

I didn't look to see who might be walking out to their car and overhearing my toddler screaming for beer. I was way to embarrassed to know.

Jen said...

Okay here I go - this is funny not embarassing - when Andrew my brothers 3rd child was 3 he was standing on my lap and talking to me. All of a sudden he kicks me in the private area and very loudly says in a little boy voice - "Aunt Jen I just kicked you in the NUTS!!!" Stunned I looked at him and said "Andrew girls don't have nuts" and prayed he would not ask what girls had. His response was "OH" and he jumped down and went and kicked someone else.

shawn said...

Two stories. Both involving my oldest sweet girl.
1. She was around five. We were at the old Kaybee toys at the mall, and she couldn't decide which Barbie/puzzle/tea set to get. She apparently had a little gas. (We call that by the Korean name, Bongoo). So every step she took, bongoo, step, bongoo, step, bonggo, step. I couldn't stop laughing and was entirely embarassed as the young guy working looked disgusted. I left her there walking the aisles on her own to work things out.
2. Same sweet child. 2nd grade. She asked for an old magazine to do some collages. No problem, here's my October "Self" magazine. Fast forward a few days, and while picking her up from school, another girl is throwing paper back at Mady, saying, 'ewww, gross, Mady'. Hmm. She got in the car and I asked to see the paper. So, it turns out that in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Self had many nice photos of breasts. So my straight 'A' girl had to answer to the principal and apologize to several parents for showing porn to all the kids at school. Nice. So, friends, don't give October issues to your kids unless you think to preview them first.
Oh, and 3., just because every mom can relate to this at some point in their parenting career. Keston, (3) at the supermarket "Mom! Those buns are HUGE!"
Oh, wait! Another one. Ok, not so much publicly embarassing, but funny none the less. My son Jenson, was about three, and tucked into bed. I came up because I could hear him still playing around and obviously not sleeping. I came in his room and found him with tampon wrappers on his bed. Weird. Turns out he was thirsty... he'd gotten himself a cup of water. And a straw. Made out of a tampon applicator he found in the cabinet. Sipping away, and very proud. You can't make that stuff up.

shiloah said...

While this may not make you laugh your head off Kari, it sure was funny to us… but you probably had to be there. This is one of those terrible times where you know it hurt but you just can’t help but laugh.

As all of us who have observed either our kids or others can attest, new walkers are not the steadiest on their little feet. Our daughter was no exception to this. Allie started walking around 10 or 11 months and by the age of 1 was pretty good at it unless she was tired.

One afternoon on the way down to Portland to visit Jake's parents we stopped at our favorite Starbucks exit in Chehalis to let Allie move around for a bit. 3.5 hours of driving is a lot for a little one to sit still for and she was pretty squirmy at this point. So, we went into the store, ordered our drinks and let her toddle around for a few minutes to get the wiggles out. On the way out of the store Jake opens the door and scoots to the side to give her plenty of space to walk thru. Of course she doesn’t even look where she’s going, but without any hesitation at all she moves towards the door (or what she thought was the door) and walks head first into the metal door jamb. She bounces off, shakes her head and looks at us in shock, then starts screaming, naturally. At this point, we all pause, then begin laughing pretty hard along with several of the other store patrons. Even though we knew it must have hurt, it was soooo funny to watch. I will never get the sight out of my head. Poor kid!