Friday, August 11, 2006


I have finally entered the ranks of horribly humiliated mothers everywhere - today Saben puked ALL OVER me in the middle of Haggens grocery. I could have just left him in the cart when I saw it coming. Let the employees take care of it, a little moppy, some soapy, nice and easy. But no, for some reason, I thought it would be brilliant to pick him up - as if my loving arms could somehow prevent the inevitable.

There is nothing (or quite a few things?) quite so humbling as having strangers look at you in disgust as puke (with peach chunks!) runs down you back, your front, onto your flip flops and onto the floor. Walking to the bathroom leaving barfy footprints behind you. Then trying to somehow clean the mess ... and explaining to a teenage girl giving you a strange look what happened. And then telling her every last detail (as she tries to keep from heaving) because you are so distraught.

But I did bring it on myself. I have been dreading the day I have to wean Saben. I have tried to put it off, make it look like Sabens fault (he does love nursing), but in reality, thinking of weaning him completely brings me to tears. This weekend we skipped several evening feedings with no problem at all. Then Saben got sick and we skipped a bunch more because I thought I had learned my lesson - sick babies and nursing do not mix well.

"If there's no vomiting for 24 hours, then you can slowly resume your child's regular diet. Wait 2 to 3 days before resuming milk products."

On Tuesday night, 12 hours after Saben had thrown up last, I let him nurse. As I was rocking him to sleep - up it all came, along with the last 6 hours of food. So I decided to wait a day or two to nurse him again... and started to realize that now would be the perfect time to wean him. And I started feeling sad, nostalgic, teary...pathetic, I know. : )

I started to think how I didn't want to have his last nurse EVER to be one that he threw up all over me. So this afternoon, 40 hours after he threw up last time, I let him nurse. Just a tiny bit! An hour later we left for Haggens and the rest you already know.

I think I've learned my lesson, or somehow had it confirmed that now is the time to do it, whether I'm ready or not. But I would still love to sneak just one more in there, a long cuddly warm one. I know, I never learn.


Andi said...

Awww, friend! I can totally relate! Although Audrey is not quite ready to wean, I am DREADING the day! Glad to know that I am not the only mama "milking" the sweet time spent nursing...(pun intended :)

anna said...

I think you'll both know when you're ready. There's no rush if you're enjoying it. I'd say it's better to end on a positive note :)

Amy said...

Just think of it as moving on to new and fun things. No matter what, it gets better and better. Not saying that you shouldn't cling to those sweet things. But look back on them with fondness and know that there is only good things on their way.

misha said...

I have thought of this ever since I read it a few days ago.

I think I have just been speechless with empathy.