Friday, April 11, 2008

10 on 10 theme

Give up? My theme for the 10 on 10 was things that were ugly, but then slowly grew over the day to include things that annoy me. And then I tried to create something nice in a picture with all these ugly annoying things. Like seeing the good in the bad. See? Aren't I a deep wise person? Do you want me to be your guru? I have tons more where this came from.


Matthew and Darcy said...

You crack me up :) hehe

KMV said...

Hmmm.. I had:
- Banana
- Bag
- Backup
- Blossom
- Books
- Blue (paint)
- Bunny (dust)
- Broken (stereo)
- Bug-eaten (plant)
- Blobs (on window)