Tuesday, April 29, 2008


The other day, Saben was riding his bike down the big hill by our house, turned the wheel too sharply & crashed. He got up nonchalantly and said "Woah! I crashed!" and kept riding like it ws no big deal at all. I didn't even think he'd gotten hurt until later I saw his arm & palms had scrapes on them.

This, from the boy who is afraid of his frog sippy cup because they have big eyes.

In other news, Saben refused to eat his chicken fingers & sweet potato fries last night, even though he only got a few sips of his smoothie which he loves. (not to mention he LIKES chicken fingers and has eaten sweet potato fries several times - but lately he's only wanted yogurt for dinner. Plain, with granola & a tiny bit of honey)

He was promised more smoothie if he kept eating the rest of his dinner, but he decided to be done instead. This morning, he was so hungry he dry heaved again. Crazy child.


TheFiveDays said...

Jacob will start doing these really big burps when he gets overly hungry (and still refuses to eat because he doesn't like what we're offering). I think it's his way of coping with feeling so incredibly hungry. For us it's a sign that we NEED to get something in him!!

I'm sorry to hear the smoothie didn't work better. Frustrating for you!! Kids can be so inconsistent, especially when they are picky eaters! What works one day might not work the next.

Yesterday I had to reinforce Jacob for eating a pop tart for breakfast by giving him little bites of chocolate chip cookie. I felt like such a great mom, let me tell you!

Better luck today with Saben!!

Jen said...

Try this video on him - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9PqjMSNfkU&feature=related

Maybe he will like the idea of a Party in his tummy! :)But you have a smart one so he might not go for it.