Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What we've been doing

Saben - 3 yrs
  • Loves balls, especially golf, pool, baseball & his marble tower race
  • Rides his glider bike almost every day and has learned to pick his feet up and coast along.
  • Would eat the exact same thing every day if we let him.
  • Likes to watch Blues Clues the most
  • Is afraid of "Scary Eyes" which is anything from Snufalupagus to certain stuffed animals w/ eyes. (and yes shauna, that alien stuffed toy with the giant eye ball on its head you got him for Christmas? Freaks him out. Sorry!)
  • Thinks Annika is ok and likes to boss her around which is sometimes helpful...sometimes not.
  • Really enjoys singing and can actually carry a tune now
  • Has tremendous energy and loves to run

Annika - 9 mos

  • Loves to crawl around exploring & pull up to standing on everything.
  • Bops up and down to music, especially the one her lion riding toy plays
  • Would eat everything in the house if we let her.
  • Gets to watch Baby Einstein each day so that mommy is able to take a shower. She hates being stationary otherwise and does not enjoy the exersaucer at all.
  • Is not afraid of anything. She went through a phase of fearing men, but I think its gone now.
  • Adores her brother and is learning to play little games with him. She is also just starting to show signs of getting pretty annoyed at him when he takes things away.
  • Has zeroed in on her ring of destruction: First, eat video cassette covers. Come to computer & try to touch the blinking light which happens to be the power button. Next up is pulling moss & dirt out of mommy's potted plants. Then head on over the electrical outlets and gnaw on the cords for a while. (that mommy has already unplugged)
  • Has learned to shriek/scream at the top of her lungs. Just for fun, or if she's impatient. (like in the restaurant when mommy isn't feeding her quite fast enough.)
  • Has suddenly had trouble going to bed, 4 days in a row now & wants to nurse for an hour every evening.


  • Finishing up the new building where their business will be.
  • Ripped out the heating ducts downstairs after the furnace broke just a couple months before we planned to replace it during our basement remodel.
  • Going on "business" bike riding trips in Colorado.


  • Joined a boot camp class that meats at 6:30 am every morning.
  • Decided to try their crazy meal plan that eliminates fat & sugar except for one "fun day" a week. (if I'm getting up at 6am, might as well go whole hog huh?)
  • Is designing & purchasing the landscaping for the company's new building
  • Organizing the basement remodel estimate process half heartedly and dreading the day it begins. Except she will be happy to have a new furnace.
  • Is laying low and struggling to finish potty training Saben & get Annika the naps she needs.
  • Really really needs to figure out preschool for Saben in the fall but feels completely overwhelmed by the prospect.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate that you included what you and Kyle are up to. Sometimes it helps to look at all that you've been doing because you "feel busy" but at the end of the day cannot think of why. I know when I've listed a month out on paper I feel relieved that I've actually accomplished something! Good times.

shawn said...

I am most impressed by boot camp! Not impressed by loss of sugar and fat, because I surely would starve. But good for you. When you decide you need butter or sugar again, please visit us. :)

Shauna said...

Heh...I don't know why we like to give Saben those googly eyed stuffed animals...but we do. Maybe it's because we think they're so cool...or maybe it's because we think he needs to face his fears...