Friday, March 12, 2010

What my days are like

Kari (thinking): I wonder whether or not I should put on a movie so that I can get ready to go out....which one?

Annika (yelling): Mommy! Help! Heeeeeelllllp!

Saben: Look at this rocket I built. It is the fastest one on earth and is made out of very lightweight metal. It has 12 booster engines and two fuel tanks....

Kari (thinking): Saben doesn't like Blues Clues anymore, but at least it is short. Is there something they both like?

Annika: Help..! Help!

Kari: What do you need help with Annika?

Annika: I can't get up the stairs!!! (she is lying on the stairs sort of flopping around)

Saben: This rocket is amazing, it can get to the moon in.....ten seconds! It can carry anything too, like that house out there!

Kari: Wow Saben.

Kari (thinking): Do I have time to write a blog post before I go out? Should I put in Angelina Ballerina instead of Blues Clues? What if I want them to watch something this afternoon I really want the break now or later?


Kari: Annika, you don't need help up the stairs! Just get up and walk up them!

Saben: What is 10 times 100 mom? That is how fast this rocket can go. It is bigger than anything on the entire earth. It can carry a house or an apartment building or even a truck!

Kari: 10 times 100 is one thousand Saben. Annika! Stop Whining!

Kari (thinking): That's it, I am putting in blues clues before my head explodes. Just 20 minutes, so maybe I can do another one this afternoon.

*Repeat many, many times throughout the day*


Sandy Young, Coldwell Banker Bain said...

That is too funny!! Happy Birthday, girl!!

D said...

Happy Birthday! :-)
It's so good to blog about these times. So soon they will be past...
I try to remember somebody's quote: The hours drag by, but the years fly. Or something like that. ;-)

Tiffany said...

I love this post, you witty, witty girl. You have so captured mommyhood here.