Monday, March 15, 2010


My daughter likes to use the proper word used to describe male anatomy. I would type it here, but I really don't want anyone searching for that word and stumbling upon my blog.

For a long long time, we did not even teach Saben the correct word for fear that he might take to shouting it out at inopportune times. Turns out we had nothing to worry about, he's never been one for those types of shenanigans. His sister on the other hand....she learned the word early (from Saben) and has used it enthusiastically ever since.

The first confusion came because she thought she had one and would talk about it while I changed her diaper. For some reason, that bothered me, so I corrected her, made sure she knew exactly what it was (using saben as a model) and then taught her another playful word for her own bits. (not an anatomically correct word)

Somehow, somewhere along the line, she said the word and we laughed. Because it is sort of funny to hear a two year old girl talking about that sort of thing. Next thing you know, we're at a pizza place and she starts shouting it. I panic and tell her to stop. The more anxious and sterner I get, the LOUDER she shouts the word, laughing the whole time. Over and over. Thank goodness this pizza place is loud, I was to embarrassed to even look around and see if anyone heard her. Kyle was the brilliant one who managed to distract her, I was so freaked out I just kept saying "SHHHHH" to no avail.

Part two of this story is her lavish use of the word for solid bowel movements. Remember the post I did in December about Jingle Poop? So Kyle tells me that if I just join in the fun, it will actually make it less attractive to Saben and he'll stop using potty talk so much. I try it one day, but its pretty weird. Somehow in all this, Annika picks up that saying poop is funny and next thing you know she is singing something she calls the "poopy song" all the time.

The best part is that once she joined in, Saben got super annoyed. Now he tells her all the time "Annika! Potty talk isn't funny!" and he rarely uses it himself anymore unless its just him & his buddies being silly.

The worst part is standing in line at the grocery store with just annika, zoning out, and suddenly realize everyone is staring/giggling at you because your daughter is singing "poopy song, pooooopy song, pooo pooopy song". It'd be one thing if Saben was there and everyone would know it was probably the older brother who taught her. But she's done it several times when its just me & her.


D said...

I am terrified of that word! When I was helping babysit a bunch of kids (years ago...) at CHURCH(!) I was giving a little boy a ride on my shoulders when he suddenly starting shouting at the top of his lungs, "YOU'RE HURTING MY P***S!" Horrified. Absolutely horrified.
I use p-p or winkie. I don't even care. Maybe when my kids are older. Maybe not. I know, I'll tell them when they're old enough to laugh at my story and understand why I'm scarred for life :-)

toddv said...

Have you ever seen the movie "(500) Days of Summer"? It's pretty cute and worth watching, but there's a scene this reminds me of. Here's the YouTube link - listen to the audio through headphones or when the kids aren't around.

Kari said...

I have seen it and yes, it was EXACTLY like that. : )