Monday, March 01, 2010

Inappropriate Birthday Gifts

So, I am in a store in Portland and I spy this adorable series of books called "Baby be of Use". There is "Baby Fix my Car", "Baby do my Banking" and yes...."Baby make me a Drink". I read a couple of them cover to cover and yes...."Baby make me a Drink", while sort of hilarious, is obviously not one I am going to buy. But I love the idea of "useful" babies, so I decide to get "Baby Make Me Breakfast" for Hailey's first birthday. But I didn't read the whole thing, just the first couple pages to get the gist.
When I get home, I pull it out to show it to Kyle. Each page has the ingredients for a breakfast with a + sign in between them. So Grapefruit + cherry = 1/2 a grapefruit for breakfast. Then I get to the 2nd to last page and see a bottle of Aspirin + a glass of water and I am thinking "whhhhhhaat???"
Then I get to the last page and it shows breakfast laid out on the table. It says "Now scram baby, Mommy's hung". So apparently baby was making breakfast because mommy was too hungover to do it. Oops. I gave it to Shauna anyways. Oh well.
Moral: Read the ENTIRE book before you buy it, especially if there's already some questionable books in the same series.


Shauna said...

Well, I love the book. I might not read this one to Hailey when she gets older....don't be offended. But for now I think I'm safe. ;)

Jenny said...

saw this on facebook, very funny!

Kelsie said...

Nice one, auntie. :o)