Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hide and Seek

Hide and go seek is one of my favorite games to play with the kids. Whenever I am hiding, Saben makes Annika be the one to check all the hiding places. If he thinks I'm in the closet he'll say "annika, go check in the closet" or if its behind a door "Annika, go check behind that door!" He hangs back and watches to see if she finds me.

When the kids find me, I find it impossible not to yell and try to startle them a little, which is why Saben hates being the one to find me. Annika dutifully obeys him and so I jump at her and give a little yell, but she doesn't mind and we laugh together. I just hope I haven't traumatized my son forever.

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vickyc said...

i love hide and seek too. when we play lila runs around to find me and i jump out and scare her...and then she says "okay, let's play chasing now". haha...i love it.