Thursday, September 11, 2008


This week was Saben's first week of preschool. He loves it. I actually felt much sadder than I expected. Panicking about him growing up too fast, even though I love how mature he is getting. I hate the idea of being tied to a school schedule again. I have loved enjoying summer each year until October, I am not excited at all about summer ending in September again when school starts. Yuck. (silly, I know, but it does make the summer seem over) I think I'll homeschool, just so I can start in October instead of September. : )

My favorite moment was yesterday afternoon when I came to pick Saben up. He was putting the finishing touches on an art project. The teacher gave them each a piece of carboard with their names written in black marker. The kids were supposed to trace the letters with glue and cover the marker with jewels & buttons or just decorate the sign with glue & jewels. I quickly showed Saben how to put glue on the black lines & stick jewels on before I left. When we returned, his name was immaculately covered with the jewels. Perfect, all in line, not a drop of glue out of place. It actually shocked me, I had no idea he could handle glue like that. (the liquid kind too, not a glue stick.)

Next to his, a kid had squirted a giant pile of glue in the middle, glue lines everywhere & had about 10 jewels stuck to the glue. Other kids had jewels scattered around, some just put a few on the letters. One girl had about two letters done as perfect as Saben and then had quit. It was pretty funny and sums up my sons personality perfectly. (long attention span, detailed, type A personality)


TheFiveDays said...

Awww! Will you get to bring it home? You can take pictures of it then! It sounds like a keeper.

TheFiveDays said...

You got a picture!! Woohoo!

And just look at his beautiful name all decked out. Are you sure you don't do jewel-gluing on a daily basis at home?

Thanks for sharing it!!

AndiMae said...

Awww, Saben! You are so cute. This post makes me miss him so much, Kari- this sounds JUST like him! It made me think of when he was not that much older than Elliot and was obsessed with his beloved shape sorter- and he could do it perfectly. What a sweet little boy :)

Jen said...

That is adorable!!!