Monday, September 22, 2008

Week in review

Sunday: Kyle came home from his 3 week trip to Europe Saturday night and to celebrate his jet lag, we decided to drive up to Mt Baker (artists point) & do a teeny little hike. It was gorgeous, clear, sunny and warm, but as we started down the trail, Saben started whining. Really whining, then crying, refusing to walk, screaming. We didn't know what to do (and we tried everything). He has whined a bit before, but this was mostly out of character.

I carried him 1/2 mile to the end of the trail, then Kyle distracted him on the way back & we actually made it. Annika yelled/screamed off & on all the way home in the car. Sort of beautiful, sort of a disaster day.
Monday: Saben has a temperature over 100 degrees. whoops. Explains most of the behavior the day before. Home sick Tuesday, better Wednesday, then...
Thursday: Painted our garage blue when Grandma Young came to watch the kids. Very blue. Feeling hesitant about using the same color for our entire house. We like it best with plants around it & lots of white trim.

Friday: Celebrated the rain by getting boots for the kids that matched the raincoats relatives had bought them. (thank you aunt debbie & grandma young!) Saben's eye is goopy & pinkish looking, so I keep him home from preschool again, but turns out to be nothing.

Saturday: Kyle worked all day with an electrician to wire the house. Kids & mom wild with rain induced boredom. Took a walk, splashed in puddles, had a blast till Saben threw a tantrum and mom got so flumoxed dragging him down the sidewalk that she managed to drop her camera & break the flash. grrrr.

Awesome book club fondue party in the evening that made mommy cheery again.

Sunday: Amazing day. First, ended a 6 year search for the perfect chai tea recipe. (if Seattle India Bistro, Taste of India or Cedars chai tea is your idea of perfection.) Will share it with you soon in a different post.

Went on a mushroom hunting hike with the kids and found my first ever Chanterelles!!!! I was so excited and we ate them that evening sauteed in butter. mmmmm......

Monday: I lost my wallet. boo. I am on quite the streak with losing/breaking things. (I think I left it at a liquor store register and it got stolen by the next customer. I was buying brandy for some soup. Stupid liquor store.)

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