Friday, September 26, 2008

Annika's first words

A few months ago, I thought maybe Annika was starting to say "all done". I was wrong. She primarily screams when she is done eating and refuses to do much sign language. She doesn't talk much at all yet, but today definitely added one more word.

First, Annika says "mama" but only rarely when she is upset and wants me. I thought she said dada, but she hasn't been using it much lately & Kyle says she never has. hmm... My dad got her saying "papa" some too.

About 2 weeks ago, Annika started saying "Bah!" which means "Boo!" and uses it in a very defnite game we play. She got it from our Peek-a-Who book (pictured below). Whenever I get to the page with the ghost, I say "boo!" and try to startle them. So she says "bah!" in the same tone and I pretend to be startled. It makes her giggle, unless anyone is watching, then she won't do it.
By the way, Saben got his first word "znn" from the book too. (znn = zoo, see how I credit intention more than actual pronunciation?)

She uses "bah" for lots of things actually - ball, bottle, etc. But the "bah!" is the only one where I know she knows exactly what she is saying.

A couple days ago, I thought I heard her say "Halla" into the kids pretend cell phone. She loves to hand it to me & I have to pretend to have a conversation and give it back to her. (over and over of course) Today, she was carrying around the FAUCET from their kitchen playset, holding it up like a phone and saying "Halla" very clearly, over and over.

Annika is all about tone. The only reason I can claim "bah!" and "halla" is that she mimics the tone I say it in perfectly. She actually sounds just like she is answering a phone. She clearly says "uh oh" and "uh-uh" (no) with proper tones & uses them all the time. She also loves to sing. She babbles in a singing voice, no recognizable tune, but definitely singing. Its so cute.

Annika's favorite book right now is one that has buttons to push that plays "baby's first bible songs". She brings it to me, sits on my lap and will listen to me sing each song over and over while she pushes the buttons. Its funny because she will very rarely sit to listen to me read her an entire book but will spend 10 minutes with the song one. She has lots of toys that play songs, but that book is her favorite one.

Its funny how much she communicates without words. Or not so funny if her chosen method of communication involves screaming at the very top of her lungs. She always goes to the kitchen cabinet where I have some food stored & starts pulling things out & bringing them to me when she is hungry. She usually picks the dried cherries which she has eaten before, but occaisionally puts a bag of dried garbonzo beans in my lap.

The best thing ever is to get both kids laughing at once. Saben's laugh is all high and squealy, but Annika has this deep guttaral giggle, much lower than Saben's. It is hilarious.


Scintilla said...

If it any consolation for your husband, 'papa`' is daddy in Italian.

Jen said...

So cute!!!

Anonymous said...

I love to hear kids laugh, really belly laugh.
ok this is alittle behind times,losing things, but I want to remind you not to lose Annika's birthday ck, I haven't seen it come thru, haha. Deb

TheFiveDays said...

Awww...Annika is so cute! I love that she rummages through the cupboards to bring you something when she is hungry!

Sydney is not talking much yet either...we have uh-oh, hi, and "heydo" which is hello.

Kisses to Annika!