Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bad Words

Saben: "Mommy, when I turn 9 years old, I am going to use bad words"
Me: "um...where did you learn that Saben? Preschool?"
Saben: "No, its in a book, the boy uses bad words when his grandma is over"
Me: "In a library book?"
Saben: "No, one we have"
Me: I finally realize its in our book "Love you forever" (you know, the really sappy one where you would be embarassed to admit you still get tears in your eyes on the 20th time you've read it)

Saben: "I'm going to say lots of bad words when I am 9 years old, ok mommy?"


Shauna said...

That's seriously awesome. I think I need to read that book.

D said...

I wonder about that book too-- like how long before I catch Kiera trying to flush my stuff down the toilet.... Or listening to "strange" music :-)

TheFiveDays said...