Monday, September 22, 2008

Hi Ho Cherrio - the Maidenform Edition

Right before our trip, I took Saben & Annika out to "help" me find a new bra. I noticed upon leaving the store that Saben had found a bra tag on the floor and seemed quite attached to it. He made me pull the cup holder out of his car seat so he could put it in there. It rode in the car for a while and then I forgot about it.

Till I pulled out Hi Ho Cherrio, and there it was. We set up the gameboard and were ready to play when Saben reaches into the box and pulls out the bra tag. He makes a production of putting it in the middle of the board. "This piece needs to go right here!"

After a couple rounds he moves the bra tag on top of his cherry bucket. When its his turn again, it goes back to the center. Then I do the same. And that my friend, is how you play Hi Ho Cheerio, Maidenform Edition.

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BrenV said...

That is so funny! I can't wait to play the game that way with Saben.