Friday, September 05, 2008

Naples & Positano, part 1

Day 5
In the morning, we spent a few more hours exploring Naples before our trip to Positano. I wanted to do some shopping, so we checked out a disappointing kids toy store, a really expensive italian lingerie store, and then wandered into an area that had an open air market. I bought some dried pasta and fruit and we wandered around enjoying the atmosphere.

Around noon, we scooted over to Sorbillos and this time made it inside right before the crowds hit. Naples #1 pizza was spectacular and I ate till I felt sick.
We took this picture as our boat left Naples. The monastery on the hillside is where we went a couple days before for our views (where Kyle spilled my prosseco). So we're on the boat and I suddenly get this panicky feeling like I left something at our hotel in Naples. Suddenly I realize that maybe, I just might have put my money belt with $200 cash and my bank card into the drawer in the nightstand next to my bed. But I am not positive. I know I thought about it and I can't remember if I was actually stupid enough to do that. Maybe its still in my backpack afterall.
I loved this little fire lookout perched on the cliff. They are all along the Amalfi Coast, where we were headed. Each one is able to view the one next to it so that they could signal up and down the coast if someone spotted a fire.
Our boat stopped in Sorrento first. The cliffside architecture & caves were amazing.

Finally we were off, headed around the penninsula towards the Amalfi Coast.
The tip of the penninsula was very dry & arid looking.
Our first view of Positano. Its not a great shot, washed out for some reason, but gives you a sense of how the town is nestled into the mountians that head straight down to the sea. The hike up to our hotel was brutal, lots of stairs & heavy packs. But we made it and walked out onto our terrace to see our view...
Heaven. And only 87 euro a night which is a gigantic bargain in Positano. (We stayed at La Tavolozza and highly reccomend it) At this point, I opened my bag and searched for my money belt. Nope, not there. Long story short, the hotel in Naples finally found it in the nightstand after 2 or 3 phone calls. Luckily we had to go back through there on our way to Rome, it would only cost us the taxi ride to & from the hotel. From this point on, every time Kyle did something stupid that I pointed out, he'd just call me "moneybelt" and I shut up. Not the smartest thing I've ever done, that's for sure.

Wandering back into town, we realized it was crazy expensive, yet again. It sort of depressed us. We decided to try hiking to the other little beach to see if it was cheaper or cozier feeling. Nope, still lined with hundreds and hundreds of chairs at 10 euros a pop for the day. It was after sunset by this time and deserted, so we went swimming for free and were quite pleased with our thriftyness.

For dinner we headed up the road to a place our book had recomended. We were too late to get a sidewalk table, so we were stuck up against the restaurant with cars & scooters zipping by us every few minutes. Yes, we had a view, but it was across the road & over the heads of the people who got the good tables. My vongole was very good but several tables around us were pretty mad about the service.

Back at our hotel, we messed around with our camera, trying to capture the beauty seen from our balcony.
Then we got REALLY CRAZY and produced the following shot, using kyle's iphone as our light source.
The end of day 5.

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Shauna said...

wow, great view - I love the creative iPhone heart. :)

Moneybelt.... LOL! Poor you, I'm sure Kyle didn't let that one die down the entire rest of the trip.