Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Preparing, wedding, vacation

There is so much to catch up on... A week of preparing for a wedding & vacation, the wedding itself and then finally a much needed break in Hawaii and suddenly 3 weeks have slipped by.

Packing for 10 days away from our house was dreadful & time consuming, but everything came together with no last minute surprises. I think packing is quite possibly one of my least favorite activities - I actually have reoccurring nightmares about trying to get packed and being late for a plane.

Friday morning we drove to Seattle and I started working on the flowers for my sister-in-law's wedding. There was sort of a mess when the flowers arrived looking more red & yellow instead of orange, but it all came together and I got all the bouquets, corsages & church decorations finished without any more hitches. Special kudos to Kyle for staying up late with me wiring Eucalyptus leaves. I'll try and find some pictures to post later.

Shauna's wedding was beautiful and everything came together so smoothly! It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed being a part of her special day. We were all in the wedding except for Annika. Saben did a great job as ring bearer, I convinced him it was a special job and that they really needed him to bring the ring to them in the front. He walked right down the aisle with no hesitation and even climbed up the steps to offer the ring to Kyle.

At the reception, lack of sleep finally caugth up with Saben and he went nuts. He was out on the dance floor ripping it up, doing his fancy footwork that makes him look like an elf in riverdance. Then he started running. And running some more. Then falling down on purpose. Round and round the room, weaving in and out of tables. I couldn't do anything except hold Annkia and try to keep an eye on him. I tried to get him to slow down but it became apparent that he was so far gone that any attempt to control him would end in screaming. (note: Saben is normally very obedient, but when he is super tired he gets very upset easily and nothing solves it except to put him in bed)

So we left the reception earlier than we'd hoped and sure enough, Kyle had to carry Saben out kicking and screaming. He was SO tired. But... I think watching him go crazy dancing & running was totally worth it, it was one of the funniest things I've ever seen him do.

Sunday we were able to relax a bit with the friends we stayed with (THANK YOU kyle & holly kate!!!!) then spent the night with Kyle's parents who drove us to the airport the next morning for our flight to Hawaii. Hurray!!!!!

To be continued.....


Jenny said...

let's not forget that when Saben was asked what he "was" in the wedding he did NOT reply "a ring bearer" but promptly replied that he was "a handmsom boy". I loved that!

Jenny said...

handsome :(