Friday, March 07, 2008

Random me

Tagged by Andi to post seven fascinating things about myself....

1) I have a really bad habit of chuckling to myself at my own jokes. Jokes I think of in my head while other people are talking. People often notice and then I have to tell them what I am laughing about whether its funny or not.

2) I became a vegetarian (I did eat fish) when I was a freshman in high school and our family traveled to Hong Kong. Millions of animals dying for us to eat every year made me sad. After 7 years, I went to Egypt and decided that if I was ever going to thrive & fit in a foreign culture, I would have to learn to eat meat. Now it doesn't bother me at all, even on the bone.

3) I did not get a single stretchmark with either pregnancy

4) I really really enjoy weeding. Something about physically removing bad stuff out of the dirt and making it all clean again. I love getting my hands in dirt & the smells of the plants & dirt. The only time I don't like weeding is in heavy soil where the roots break off constantly. If I'm in a garden with weeds I have a really hard time not pulling them, but only because I enjoy it. I even pull them at parks occaisionally.

5) I almost never eat candy or ice cream. (but plenty of cookies, pastries & fruity desserts)

6) My brother & sister-in-law are about to enter a pool of applicants to adopt an infant and I am very very excited for them!

7) While I wrote this, Annika ate 1/4 of a business card before I noticed.

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Jenny said...

ooh, please come weed with me! your garden photos look amazing. you have a such a gift!