Friday, February 15, 2008

Week in Review

Bought plane tickets at a great price & reserved a condo for a trip to Hawaii only 2 weeks before we go.

Found out we have enough miles on our credit card to cover the price of all three plane tickets!

Valentines day was wonderful, I discovered how much I love gourmet/imported cheeses with good wine (barnard griffin cabernet - a wonderful $13 splurge) & made some excellent crab cakes.

Tonite we have a date while my parents watch the kids - dinner & then a concert at Western.

After our date is my Sis-in-laws bachelorette party. Woo hoo!

Tomorrow the party continues and Kyle is watching the kids most of the day.

Its supposed to be sunny this weekend.

Annika really loves every vegetable we've given her except Avocado. Meanwhile, Avocado is the only vegetable her brother likes.

So many of my bulbs & flowers are bursting/about to burst into bloom.

Not Awesome
I went to the doctor and found out they want to do surgery as soon as we get back from Hawaii on my ingrown toenail. blech.

Our awesome insurance probably won't cover any of the surgery because we have a $1500 deductible.

Annika stayed up till nearly 10pm twice this week and woke up around 1-3am most nights.

Saben is having a terrible week for potty training. For some reason he keeps going in his pants. I have done the kids laundry 3 times in 5 days just to keep up. He keeps happily quoting the Elmo video "Accidents happen mom". I acted stern about it finally and its only gotten worse since then.

Saben woke Annika up 15 minutes into her nap today & I can't get her back down. She is "helping" me type this post.

I hate buying swimsuits.

Annika just spit up all over my pants.


Jen said...

Yea on the tickets! :) Sucks about the surgery! At least it will be after your vacation.

shawn said...

Hey Kari, have you been disciplining Saben any more than usual in general? My friend pointed out that her daughter's accidents were much worse when she was being a bit tougher on normal day to day stuff. When she told me that, it made perfect sense as to Keston's increased accidents for awhile. I had been more stern about getting her to stay in her bed at night. Just a thought. Yay Hawaii! And cheap is even better!

AndiMae said...

I am so jealous about your trip! Lucky girl. Even though you do have to buy a swimsuit, which definitely is no fun, you are going to be in the sun soon! I can't believe Saben's Elmo quote! It is so funny, but I am sure so frustrating too! Hmmm... you wrote so much, I can't remember what else I wanted to comment on! Oh, and I am sorry about your surgery and your insurance- but at least your plane tickets were covered :)

I love you!

TheFiveDays said...

Just wanted to say I stopped by your blog for the first time today and have really enjoyed it! I have a baby girl born July 17th so I am identifying with a lot of what you write about Annika! Your kids are adorable, by the way!