Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Annika has been going backwards for a few weeks. Last week she was sort of inch worming/lunging her way forward, sometimes on her hands & knees for a few inches. Then on Monday she finally really truly started crawling forward. She will go 3 feet now. Hurray!

On Tuesday a doctor finally cut my toe up. Yuck yuck yuck. I decided to just take some leftover oxycodene from my cesarian instead of going to Freddies to get Vicodin. I don't remember any side effects with it after my surgery, but man was I feeling it this morning. Dizzy, naseous waves mixed with high energy and little bursts of euphoria. It also made my toe virtually painless. But I think I'm done taking those for a while.


TheFiveDays said...

Hurray for Annika!!! These girls are growing fast! Sydney (my 8-month-old) just made her first crawling attempts a few days ago and it is so exciting! I think it'll be at least another week or two before she's making it 3 feet, though!

Sounds like you had an interesting ride with the oxycodone!!!

Rebekah said...

yay, that is exciting Annika!!! Now the fun really begins Kari, let me know how two on the move goes :)...
I HATED the oxycodone they made me so dizzy and sick, yuck but nice that it took the pain away. Hope your toe feels better soon!