Monday, March 31, 2008


The newest pool hall in town for tots? Oh no, that is now my sons room. Kyle's parents actually found him a kids pool table. I didn't even know they existed and he loves it. (he's loved playing with their pool table from the day they got it) Apparently everything is real, you could even just use it as a table top pool table if you live in a tiny apartment or something.

Saben had the loooooooooooongest birthday on record, we celebrated for about 3 weeks between seeing both families, having a small celebration on the actual day and then a party on Friday. It was a lot of fun though and I really enjoyed planning all the special things for him.

On his birthday we had a fun day playing with toys & riding his bike. We got him one of those kits with wooden nuts & bolts to build a train. Then in the evening we all went out to Chichettis Pizza and Mallard Ice Cream. Mmmm......

We had his kids party at the Children's Museum. Nine kids showed up to play for an hour in the museum and then we all went into the back room for Bagelry bagels & cake. It was really fun to see him have such a great time.

One of the best parts of planning Saben's party was taking him to Target to pick out the cake mix, plates, napkins, etc that he wanted. Being the non-commercial stooge that I am, I took him to the area with colorful plates rather than cartoon ones. He picked square yellow ones and square pink ones. I suggested perhaps red instead of pink, but promised myself that if he was adamant we'd get the pink ones. He didn't really care, so we ended up with a mix of red, yellow & blue decorations and "Funfetti" cake with chocolate frosting.

Annika's favorite part was the boat & posing for the camera. And sucking on everything in sight so that now she has a cold. But last time we went she brought home the flu, so I'm not complaining.

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