Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ta Da!!!

Now son you're getting bigger
Oh yes its really true
Soon you'll be ready to do something new
So here is your new potty where you go poo
It's where you sit to do what you gotta doo-doo

It's potty time - now get down low
It's potty time - just let it go!
It's potty time - go with the flow
It's potty time - you can do it, I know!

Never again will I doubt such words of wisdom by saying things like this:

"After watching grown men singing in falsetto about pooping and peeing and hearing one full hour of poop and pee talk Saben decided he wanted to sit on Connor's potty chair and Mommy decided she was never ever watching another Elmo video. "

That's right folks, the seemingly impossible was accomplished yesterday with a little help from Elmo.... Saben figured out how to pee in his potty!!!!!

I have been spastically trying to get Saben potty trained for a few months now. By spastically I mean that I give up everytime because he usually wets his underwear & pants 3 times in just a few minutes, I run out of clean underwear, Annika starts screaming and I give up for another month.

He has been completely non-interested, even rebelious about potty training. He hated his big boy underwear & never wanted to try wearing it and he certainly never asked to sit on the potty or told me when he needed to go.

In moments of desperation I have tried most things - Potty books, big boy underwear, bribery, etc. Tuesday I just happened to see the Potty Elmo DVD in the store and decided to spend yet another $10 to see if that would help.

We watched it Tuesday night & then put underwear on Wednesday morning. He wet his undies just a little & I had him go sit on the potty and....low and behold he went. And then stopped and then started again. And then did it again 8 times yesterday. He just sits down and goes. Absolutely amazing.

We went out to Mallards to celebrate. .

It seems like all of Saben's new tricks go this way.... He resists strongly and makes zero progress and then suddenly it just all falls in to place. And now for a huge knock on wood because I am totally freaked out that he's going to regress now that I wrote this

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