Thursday, January 24, 2008

Head problems

Back in December one day, Kyle goes "Hey Kari, what is this huge lump on Annika's head?" (my husband is prone to vast exageration) I went and looked at it and told him it was just the way her head was. Then the next day I was looking more closely and realized one side of her skull was definitely bumpier than the other side.

I figured it was nothing, but took her in to the doctor just in case. He thought it looked odd too - we both agreed that if the lump had been on both sides of her head, it would seem normal, but it was more pronounced on just one side. So he ordered a CAT scan a week later, just in case. That week was not much fun at all.

We arrived for the scan and she was asleep in the carseat. The technician decided to try and do it in the carseat and said something that amazed me "We've never tried doing an infant in a carseat before, what a great idea" DUH. So she slept through the entire thing and I managed to only briefly tear up as I watched them manuver her tiny little body into the huge alien spaceship thing they use to scan people's heads.

Then we waited - they said they would call immediately if they found anything awful, so that day was sort of a nightmare. I finally talked to our doctor 5 days later (it was over a weekend) and he said it looked fine, but he'd send it to a specialist just in case.

Finally we heard back last week and got this beautiful picture of her noggin. Apparently she does have a funny lopsided head, which is "not normal" but "not terribly unusual" either. There should be no lasting consequences and it should be hidden once her hair grows in. But we're still keeping an eye on it just in case the growth plates close too soon, which is unlikely.

So that's the story, mostly I just wanted to post the cool picture of her head. And record it so I can remind Annika when she's 16 that shaving her hair off is probably not going to be an attractive symbol of rebellion.


Jen said...

I am glad to her she is okay and that picture is actually really cool looking.

Jenny said...

I saw her today and her head looked fact I said, "she has such a perfect head...those c-section babies!"

Rebekah said...

wow that sounds so scary, I am thankful she is fine, geez that would scare me though...Levi has a funny head too his kind of sticks out in the back like one of those racing helmets...we are really looking forward to hair over here! :)

Shauna said...

oh wow! what a cool pic, but sounds like it was a bit frightening watching her go in the tube and then wondering if she was okay.... long wait! glad to know she's going to be okay. ;)