Wednesday, January 30, 2008


There is something that has bothered me for quite some time. It is the way that mascara either

1) Smudges below your eyes during the day, but washes off easily at night
2) Does not smudge, but when you wash, it comes off your eyelashes and sticks like a bugger to the skin below your eyes

Please tell me you've found this happy alternative:
1) Does not smudge, but washes off easily with water

I don't care if its waterproof as long as it comes off your skin easily after crying, bathing, etc.
If you have found this magic mascara, please tell me the brand, type, etc. Be specific because I would hate to end up with the "Extended Lashes Extra Moisturizing Maybelline"when you meant "Conditioning Long Lash Maybelline"


D said...

I use Kirkland Signature by Borghese... from Costco... It sometimes creates a shadow during the day, but it wipes right off. I don't really notice it much until nighttime, and then think, "hey there is a little shadow there" But anytime you are in the bathroom you could just take your damp towel and wipe it right off - no scrubbing.

I think it was around $15 for a two pack when I got it. And, yes, I would buy it again.
:-) Know anyone with a membership over there?? *denaye*

Kari said...

Yah, its that shadow that I hate, if they come off easy, they leave smudgy shadows when you least suspect it and suddenly you look in a mirror and go "Argh!!!"

Shauna said...

I have this problem ultra straight downward pointing long lashes close and hit my under eye area every time. Physicians Formula washes off real easily and I haven't noticed circles.

I have sensitive eyes and have found the whole line to be pretty good. I hate how eyelashes get crusty late at night...this seems to happen with everything I try though..but maybe it's because I just hate wearing mascara and I tend to roll my eyelashes in my fingers at night and alas...the stuff flakes off... then I go wash my face.

Can you tell I'm busy at work?

Shauna said...
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shawn said...

Hey Kari, I have found that using a translucent powder, under the bottom lashes, will prevent it from smudging, regardless of mascara type. I use Bare Mineral "Mineral Veil". I'll give you the info. of where to get it locally if you are interested.

Rebekah said...

so I totally relate because you are probably like me and have "bald" eyes when you aren't wearing anything on your lashes? It is a redhead/blonde curse and mascara looks weird if you don't put it on both top and bottom which makes it clump and smudge...I use to "tint" my eyelashes and have been meaning to get it done again. It is especially great for the summer, they basically temporarily dye your lashes so that you don't have to wear anything unless you really want to and at that point putting mascara on just the upper lashes is a great impact...I know they do it at Aveda salons and it cost around $20 and lasts about three months. It can burn a little though but I am vain and think it is worth it...good luck and let me know if you come across the perfect solution.

Tiffany said...

Thank you Kari for posting on this timeless problem. I was just saying the other day as I spotted my under-eye shadows that the last thing a mommy needs is false dark circles under her eyes. So, thanks for asking about this because I'm going to try that powder idea tomorrow morning. I'm also curious about what kind of naughty comment someone posted and then retracted here. Did someone get so worked up about their shadows that they let out a stream of unbecoming curses?

Kari said...

Very strange, i have no idea how that comment got deleted, or what it said! Thanks everybody for your great ideas! I wish we could go get our lashes tinted together Rebekah, I've always wanted to try that....Now if only they did brows too...